Panel Event Registration

Panels & Workshops

Panels and workshops will run throughout both Saturday and Sunday. If you wish to host a panel or workshop please fill out the Panel Event Registration form.

For panel and workshop compensation please see the FAQ's

Closer to the convention date we will post the panels and workshop up on the schedule page.

Guest Panels

There's nothing quite like going to a panel. All that fun and laughter that just makes you cry out tears of joy or get into headed debates which one is for you?

Panels will be hosted both on the Saturday and Sunday of the convention. We will have special panel guests to get all your tears of joy out of you and that big ball of laughter.

Well, well, well looks like the time has come to announce a guest panelist. Please send a big warn welcome to Gilles Gaumont. Gilles will be doing several panels through out the weekend from Cos play improve to Anime Whose Line Is It ?

We will post their panels in the schedule page once we have it all confirmed.