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Saturday October 6 2018

Will be posted October 1 2018

Sunday October 7 2018

Will be posted October 1 2018

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GRIMprov is a Five member improvisational comedic troupe that have performed shows across Ottawa at a variety of venues (theatres, bars, galleries, Comic-con!). Drew McFadyen, Joel Garrow, Mike Kosowan, Jordan Moffatt and DJ Helicase (Austin Vair) have been performing improv under different troupes for countless years (Mission-improvable, Summer Crush, Insensitivity Training, and more). These four amigos make up the dark and humorous mantel of GRIMprov. We delight and entertain audiences at charity events, corporate parties, or where ever an audience can be found. You can see them all on the first and last Wednesday of the month at the Cock and Lion Pub, 202 Sparks St. 8pm. Look for GRIMprov on twitter and facebook. Joel Garrow has over 14 years of improv experience. Which hardly excuses his crappy attitude and bitterness. He has learned though the Canadian Improv Games, the Humber College comedy writing and performance program, and the Impatient theater company, He has been a part of 3 clubs, 4 teams, 7 troupes, 7 competitions, 8 professional shows over the span of 3 cities and has read 2 books on the subject; adding up to an improv score of 32.
Mike Kosowan is an actor, playwright, clown, improvist and a University of Ottawa theatre graduate. He currently works with Eddie May Murder Mysteries, Big Time Murder, Orbital Talent’s Busker Birthdays, Crystal Basement, and teaches advanced improv at the Ottawa Acting Company. He has performed in multiple Fringe Festivals in Ottawa, Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Edmonton as well as the Magnetic North Festival, and Montreal and Ottawa Improv Festivals. And also teaches workshops, magic and juggles constantly and has an angry bird named Jake. More at

Master G

Gilles Gaumont (aka: G or Master G) is an expert in the fields of Gamerficational and Entertainment Sciences! With over 30 years of improv, M.C. and hosting experience, G is know all over the world as one of the founders of the Hug A Gamer movement. He loves long walks across the plains of Whiterun and Mirelurk fishing in the outskirts of the waste. He was one of the first Canadians to acquire his Aught Three, full class 03-k64-Firefly license.