Manga Library

Manga, Manga, Manga & a hole lot more Manga!

Come visit our Manga Library check out a manga that you're not sure about see what its like before you buy it.

The Manga Library will have over 3000 books to choose from.

You will need to hand over your N2U 2018 convention pass in order to receive a manga, You will get your pass back when you return the manga.

Please don't damage the manga in anyway shape or form, like bind breaking, ripping, “dog ear”-ing, smudging, colouring in the graphics and all other types of vandalism. The manga belong to someone. If you are caught damaging the manga you will have to replace it and you rick being expelled from the convention.

Manga Library hours:

Saturday October 6 2018 Open at 08:00 & Close at 23:00

Sunday October 7 2018 Open at 08:00 & Close at 16:00