Panels & Workshops

Panel(s) & Workshop(s) Compensation FAQ's

Q: Can I get money back from doing panel(s) and workshop(s)?

A: Yes you can get some money back from doing your panel(s) / workshop(s).

Q: How any panel(s) / workshop(s) do I need to do to get money back?

A: This will depend on how many hours in total you have done in confirmed panel(s) / workshop(s).

Q: What do you mean by confirmed panel(s) / Workshop(s)

A: Confirmed panel(s) / workshop(s) will be ones that are up on the master schedule at a set date & time & you are present at said panel.

Q: We have like 6 people running the panel / workshop do we all get compensation?

A: No we only compensate up to one person per panel or two persons per workshop you will have to choose who gets the compensation.

Q: What’s the compensation structure for so-many-hours done?

A: Below is a list showing what you can receive in compensation for so many hours done.

Saturday/Sunday Compensation:

1-2 Hours:

10% off preregistration membership

2.5-4 Hours:

15% off preregistration membership

4.5-7 Hours:

20% off preregistration membership + T Shirt