N2U 2018 Anime Convention

News & Info

We are having a meeting Thursday September 13 & 20 2018 at 6PM @ The Forge Cards and Cosplay 1920 Bank St. It is beside the Pizza Hut. Hope to see you there.

Bring in any Manga or Anime DVD and we will buy it from you for $1.00 each Manga / Disk & $2.00 for blu-ray (Does not include bonus disks)

It is with great pleasure that I get to announce that we have settled our issues with the venue and have reestablished our dates of October 5 - 7 2018.

To Help Celebrate this we are offering a limited time 10% weekend preregistration discount on our ticket & registration page.

We still have Vendors and Artist alley spaces to fill back up if you are interested please see our vendor room page under events.