Patrick Eagan Park

Patrick Eagan Park’s nature play area incorporates a variety of built equipment and natural elements. One of the most popular elements of this playground is a zipline that allows children to an extra element of perceived risk to their play.

This a medium sized play area was installed in 2017 and covers between 1/2 acre to 3 acres of land. It’s primary purpose was to introduce the neighborhood to the idea of nature play and imaginative play.

Watch this short video of Patrick Eagan Park!


  • Loose Materials for Building

  • Climbing Area

  • Digging Area

  • Open Field

  • Intentional Wildlife Habitat

  • Sit Spots- Quiet Areas

  • Zip-Line

Installation Details

  • Cost: $60,000

  • Designer: Designed internally with city park and forestry staff

  • General contact for questions:,