Fairy tales about Nuta



Книга для чтения на английском языке. Русскоязычный вариант представлен во второй части. Интересные сказки со смыслом. Ненавязчивое воспитание детей и их родителей.


Решили пробовать читать Нюту на русском и английском. Очень интересно получилось. Дети понимают знакомый сюжет и слова. Учим английский с Нютой. Успешно. Спасибо!

Accurate Nuta

Once upon a time there was a girl named Nuta. Her parents were kind and smart, but they had very bad memory.

Nuta comes back home after a walk, puts one of her gloves on the shelf, the other leaves on the kitchen table. Her mother takes the glove and puts it back, on the shelf.

Nuta plays dolls in the living room, runs suddenly into her bedroom to draw there, but forgets her doll on the floor. Her father lifts the doll, takes it to the toy- bed.

But one day something unusual happened: Nuta’s parents started to forget everything.

“Father, Nuta shouts, “Where is my doll? Why isn’t it in the bed?”

“Oh, sweetheart! I must have forgotten to put it into the right place”, father tries to justify. Excuse me, daughter!”

Nuta is looking for her doll, but she can’t find it anywhere. Where is it?

“Father, I can’t find it, now it’s your turn to search”.

“I can’t, I have to do some urgent work,” father answers, without looking at his daughter.

So, the doll disappeared forever…

Nuta with her mother are getting ready for a walk. They are already dressed, only gloves are left. But just one glove is here , the other is nowhere to see.

“Mother, where did you put my glove”, says Nuta angrily.

“I didn’t put it anywhere. I forgot to look for it yesterday, so I didn’t put it on the shelf”.

“You are so diffuse, mother! How can I go out? Give me another pair of gloves.”

“I have washed them all”, mother replies, “they are wet”.

“Should I put on just one now? Nuta says annoyed. “My hand will get cold!”

“Keep your hand in the pocket”, mother says.

“How will I play then?”

“So, you won’t play today”.

They went for a walk just with one glove.

Next day Nuta puts her gloves on the shelf and says to her mother:

“Listen, mother! You have to keep both gloves together, in order not to look for them later. You are such a scatterbrain!

One evening Nuta was playing with her teddy in her father’s room, while he was working.

Her mother called her to watch cartoons, so Nuta ran head over heels into the living room, but suddenly she realized, that she hadn’t taken the teddy.

“I forgot to put my teddy into the chair, I can’t find anything after you. The doll had disappeared. You are such a scatterbrain!”

In this way Nuta taught her parents to be accurate, and their memory improved.

Stubborn Njuta

Once upon a time there were parents and they had a daughter called Njuta. She was beautiful, smart, but very stubborn.

Mother speaks to her: “Don’t touch the kettle, Njuta, it’s boiling.”

Njuta touches the kettle with her little finger on purpose – burns it and starts crying.

Father speaks to her: “Don’t lick anything when it’s frosty outside, especially iron things.”

The girl licks on purpose a metal coin or runners of her sled, gets stuck with her tongue and starts shouting. So her mother has to pour upon her tongue some warm water to unfix it. If to pull the tongue –it hurts.

So, the parents were thinking about how to persuade the girl and they came up with an idea.

The daughter is going outside, her mother tells her: “Darling, don’t forget to eat snowballs. So you will get ill easily. In this way you don’t have to visit your granny. Don’t forget to lick icicles, just to be sure.”

Father tells her: “Dear, please shout in the shop as loud as possible, so everybody can hear you. They will envy us, because we have such a unique moody child.” And your mother won’t buy you any sweets.

Parents tell her: “ Darling, how could you forget to bite your nails today? How can you get some living creatures in your stomach without doing this? They also need a place to live.”

Noways puts the girl her fingers into the mouth.

So became Njuta an obedient daughter of very smart parents.