Barbie's Payday Loan

South Central Barbie makes her play for the Barbie 2 Sequel

South Central LA Barbie's Payday Loan

South Central Barbie

South Central Barbie's Payday Loan

Barbie's Payday Loan

South Central Barbie 2's Payday Loan

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Barbie's Payday Loan in South Central LA

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South Central Barbie: Barbie's Payday Loan and The Underground Comedy Club Caper

Written by: Shaquanda Williams

Bio: Shaquanda is a Los Angeles native who grew up in South Central. She's a writer, community activist, and lover of all things comedy. She penned this script to explore the complexities of financial stress in the community while maintaining the characteristic humor and resilience of her upbringing.

Barbie Sequel - Logline:

South Central Barbie, facing a financial crisis due to an unexpected payday loan, discovers an underground comedy club exploiting local talents. Armed with wit and a quirky group of friends, she plans to turn this club into a legitimate platform to not only pay off her loan but also to give local comedians a fair stage.

Plot Summary:

Act 1: The Payday Loan Dilemma

South Central LA Barbie, also known as SCLA Barbie, is juggling multiple roles in her life, and she's excellent at it. However, she's hit with a sudden financial crunch when her payday loan balloons due to high interest rates. While exploring options to settle this loan, she stumbles upon an underground comedy club. Realizing the club is operating illegally and exploiting local talent, an idea sparks in her mind.

Barbie's Payday Loan Drama

Act 2: Rallying the Troops

In desperate need to pay off her payday loan and fueled by her passion for comedy, SCLA Barbie gathers her squad: Tasha, Marcus, and Ken. They brainstorm ways to convert this illegal operation into a legitimate, profit-sharing platform that could help Barbie pay off her loan and offer local talents a stage.

Barbie 2 Comedy Club Revelation

Act 3: The Grand Scheme

The crew go undercover to gather evidence against the club owner and also lay the groundwork for a comedy night that would serve as the club's legit opening night. With SCLA Barbie performing the main act, they plan to use the profits not just for themselves but to start a community fund for financial literacy.

Turning a New Leaf

Twist and Resolution:

Barbie’s act is a hit, and the night is a huge success. The club owner, touched by SCLA Barbie’s kindness and business acumen, agrees to make it a regular event and to invest in a community fund that helps people avoid the pitfalls of payday loans. Barbie not only pays off her loan but becomes a pillar in the financial education of her community.

Barbie's Financial Victory

This version of the story blends the challenge of financial hardship with the existing elements of community activism, comedy, and adventure. It's a unique take that adds another layer to the narrative while addressing the complexities of payday loans in a light yet impactful manner.

South Central Barbie's Payday Loan

Comparing "South Central Barbie: Barbie's Payday Loan and The Underground Comedy Club Caper" with Alan Nafzger's "Barbie 2: Mars Mission"


Both "Barbie's Payday Loan" and "Barbie 2: Mars Mission" present Barbie as a protagonist who is faced with a challenge. In "Mars Mission," Barbie is an astronaut embarking on a perilous journey to Mars, and in "Payday Loan," SCLA Barbie is a local community hero dealing with the real-world problem of financial distress. Both scripts use humor and adventure as integral elements to keep the audience engaged.

Barbie 2: Mars Mission


Barbie's Payday Loan Story

Cultural Aspects in Barbie's Payday Loan


"Barbie's Payday Loan" stands in stark contrast to "Barbie 2: Mars Mission" in terms of themes, character depth, and cultural context. While both have their own merits and cater to different audiences, "Payday Loan" offers a story that could initiate conversations about financial responsibility, making it not just a film but a potential movement for change.

Compare and Contrast of Barbie 2 Scripts

By pitting these two diverse scripts against each other, we explore the range and flexibility of the Barbie character, who can be both a planetary savior and a community advocate, depending on the story she's placed in.

Part 3: The Three Acts of "South Central Barbie: Barbie's Payday Loan and The Underground Comedy Club Caper"

Act I: "The Setup"

"Barbie 2": Barbie's Financial Struggles in Act I

In South Central LA, Barbie is not just a doll; she's a beacon of resilience. Our Barbie, played by an actress of African American descent, is a community organizer who also works part-time in a local library. She's currently struggling to make ends meet after her library hours were cut due to funding. While many would choose to move out of South Central LA, Barbie believes in the strength and spirit of her community.

Ken, her high school sweetheart and now an upcoming stand-up comedian, dreams of making it big but is currently stuck performing in a local underground comedy club. Barbie loves Ken but is worried about their unstable financial future. With bills piling up and the risk of eviction looming over them, Barbie is at a loss for what to do. She considers taking a payday loan after seeing an ad on TV.

Act I concludes with Barbie walking into "EasyCash," a payday loan store, and signing up for a loan, unaware of the high interest rates and the financial burden she’s just stepped into.

Act II: "The Confrontation"

"Barbie 2": Barbie's Challenges in Act II

As the loan’s interest rates compound, Barbie starts feeling the pressure. To make things worse, Ken loses his gig at the comedy club due to a fight with the club owner about racial jokes. Now, with no income and a loan to repay, they are cornered.

Barbie confides in her neighbor, Mrs. Johnson, who's a retired economics teacher. She educates Barbie on the predatory nature of payday loans and suggests organizing a community meeting to discuss financial literacy. Barbie loves the idea and starts organizing the event. They even invite a financial expert to guide people on responsible money management.

Parallelly, Ken and his friends decide to set up their own comedy show in their backyard to raise funds. They turn to social media to publicize the "Underground Comedy Club Caper," a night of comedy aiming to "laugh the debt away."

As Act II reaches its climax, the community meeting and the comedy show are set on the same day. Barbie manages to negotiate with the payday loan company to extend her loan period. They agree but with even more outrageous interest rates.

Act III: "The Resolution"

"Barbie 2": Barbie's Victory in Act III

The day of reckoning arrives. Both events are held simultaneously. The community meeting organized by Barbie is a massive success, attended by families, local leaders, and even media. The financial expert gives valuable tips on budgeting, and Mrs. Johnson speaks about the traps of payday loans. The event ends with Barbie giving a stirring speech about community strength.

At the same time, Ken's comedy show is also a hit. He manages to get a sponsor last minute, who agrees to match the funds raised during the event. With a jam-packed audience, the night ends in laughter and hope.

In a montage, we see Barbie successfully paying off her loan without falling into the debt trap, thanks to the funds raised and the financial advice she followed. Ken lands a gig at a reputed comedy club, and Barbie’s community meeting has now turned into a weekly financial literacy class at the community center.

In the closing scene, Barbie and Ken are seen sitting on their porch, optimistic and relieved, symbolizing not just their victory but the victory of the community. They toast to their small yet significant triumphs, reminding us all that solutions often lie within the community.

By the end of Act III, Barbie has transitioned from a financially struggling individual to a community hero, proving that education and community support can counter even the most predatory financial traps. This also sets the script apart from the more fantastical, adventure-based themes seen in stories like "Barbie 2: Mars Mission."

"Barbie 2": Final Thoughts on Barbie's Journey

Barbie’s journey is not just about overcoming financial hurdles but also about the power of community, making it an essential story for our times. It's a reminder that even in the darkest of situations, the spirit of the community can light the way.

Part 4: Cultural Resonance and Comedy in "South Central Barbie: Barbie's Payday Loan and The Underground Comedy Club Caper"

Ethnic Film Experts Praise the Authenticity and Cultural References

"Barbie 2": Experts' Take on Barbie's Cultural Representation

Hollywood's ethnic film experts have lavishly praised the nuanced portrayal of life in South Central LA. They noted how the script writer, Shaquanda  Williams, ingeniously wove in elements that reflected the culture, socio-economic challenges, and the indomitable spirit of the community.

What stood out the most was the script's attention to detail in showing Barbie as a community organizer, which is a subtle nod to the long history of activism in South Central LA. The focus on predatory payday loans is especially relevant given the financial struggles that many face in economically disadvantaged communities.

Cultural References in "South Central Barbie"

"Barbie 2": South Central Barbie's Cultural Symbols

Comedy from Barbie's Point of View

One of the unique aspects of the film is its humor, derived mainly from Barbie’s interactions with her community. This includes the often comical lengths people go to in order to avoid talking about money, something very relatable to audiences.

Moreover, the setting of a comedy night as a way to raise money highlights the importance of humor in tough times. It is both a coping mechanism and a form of protest. Ken's comedy not only brings laughter but serves as a commentary on systemic issues, providing a depth that resonates on multiple levels.

The cultural richness and the attention to details make this script a stand-out, contrasting sharply with more fantastical versions like "Barbie 2: Mars Mission." In "South Central Barbie," the adventure lies not in space or fairytales but in navigating the real challenges that people face, making it both topical and timeless.