When we meet

It all started with a conversation...

Conversations are everything and if we're not speaking with those around us then very little will happen. In our neighbourhoods we all have something in common... we live close to each other and what happens around us is important because this is where we spend most of our time.

Many of us will share similar concerns... many of us will have great ideas... we will collectively have many skills... and many of us will have some time to help solve things that could be done better (or done in the first place) in our local communities.

To start... we need to organise a time and place to meet... and then get people together to see what we can do to improve our local community. This is about focusing on what isn't working for us and coming up with innovative ways to create alternatives to what is going on right now.

Informal Community Networking

These networking events are each held monthly in different venues across the South West Herts district. These events are inclusive, open to all, drop in sessions. Stay for as little or as long as you wish.

  1. Meet
  2. Talk
  3. Listen
  4. Learn
  5. Connect
  6. Share
  7. Inspire

<--- To the left (or above) what we can be found doing at these events

One of our biggest challenges is just getting local people to get to know each other. Going back to the 60's 70's even 80's people talked far more freely and we knew more of those who lived close by.

To rekindle community we need to work together as a community. These events allow us to reconnect over a cup of coffee / tea in a secure, public, friendly space and learn about what is happening around us.

If you want to take ACTION in the community then come along to the Community Innovation Gatherings too (details below).

Community Innovation Gatherings

Our gatherings are hosted monthly in different parts of the South West Herts district. These events are open to anyone who lives in the area and are focused on :-

  • Bringing local people together, to connect and meet each other
  • Signposting people
  • Encouraging people to find solutions to challenges by discovering what works for them
  • Looking at the different ways to network, engage, share information and stay in touch
  • Finding out all the good things that are happening already so we can share the good news
  • Finding out about local events and updating the community diary
  • Identifying things that could be improved, developed or changed in the local community
  • Identifying the local knowledge base, expertise, talent and resources available
  • Helping people to find ways to use their talents and contribute to community
  • Learning new things and picking up tips and tricks
  • Pooling our minds and innovating new alternative ways to deliver more effective solutions for our communities
  • Helping local projects emerge along with action teams, to effect real change and make a difference

The gatherings normally take place in independent coffee shops between 9:30 and 11:30am in the mornings. Also in the evenings for those that work in the daytime, usually in an independent local hostelry or Coffee Shop from 7 - 9:30pm

[... More information on Innovate & Create groups here]

Town Business Creatives

Our local businesses have a different set of challenges to those who are not running their own thing. Consequently Business Creatives have been set up to enable local business people to get together and create solutions specific to the local economy.

We currently host two of these events per month. One is in Watford and the other in Rickmansworth.

These events will have a different format each month decided by the Community Coach who will be ensuring the events are run inline with the 7 principles of Link4Growth and the community coach guarantee.

[... more details on Town Business Creatives here]

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Currently our two events start at 6:30pm and run till 8:00pm one is at the Rickmansworth Rivertech facility in Basing House the other is downstairs at the Fresh Shop in Market Street central Watford again starting at 6:30pm.

[... More information on Innovate & Create groups here]

These events are Free to attend for Link4Business members and £12 to attend for non-members

To attend the Business Creative (Link4Business) events see below

Watford Search

Rickmansworth Search

Or you can book via the Link4Business website directly.