Business Development Network in SW Herts

Link4Business gives you access to a complete business support community.

Become part of the family of local businesses. We can 'all be successful' when we act as a collaborative team.

We're on a mission!

How can we transform the local business economy so it works for the local independent?

  • What could we achieve if we worked together. Pooled our minds and resources, stopped making the same mistakes over and over
  • Let's innovate and create new ideas... sorry, doing the same old same old won't cut it
  • Build what we do through supporting our communities. For most of us our customers are people who aren't in business. If we serve and help our communities we will connect with more local people (they may just become customers?)
  • If we were to use modern technology more effectively? Firstly it would help our own businesses, secondly it would enable the local community to find us more easily and then use us ... we're mostly invisible!