Our Habits

Let's develop helpful strong habits

Our habits Finding our own way is a personal and individual journey that leads to another personal and individual journey. Finding our own way tends to be easier if we practice 6 habits to keep us open to creating, discovering and inventing.

6 Habits that maintain our ability to sometimes choose to do as others do and sometimes choose to do what feels right to our individual selves. Habits that keep us open minded to spotting and accepting new risks. 6 habits to encourage ourselves to keep finding our own way.

When practicing our skills to find our own way

we can also practice the following 6 habits

Habit 1: Tell others what to do only if they have asked us to do so. (DON’T assume others will always want to know what we think)

Habit 2: Recognise when others say stop, and stop. (DON’T find ways to increase the pressure to make others do as we say).

Habit 3: When things are not going our way, we ask ourselves… what are we missing? (DON’T keep going ignoring what others say.)

Habit 4: We can make choices to minimise the spread of badwill to ourselves and others. (DON’T give more badwill back)

Habit 5: When things go wrong, we can make choices to nudge ourselves to a better place where we feel less of a victim. (DON’T blame others)

Habit 6: We can make choices to give goodwill to ourselves and others. (DON’T think the greater good is always more important than our own self)