Innovate & Create

Innovation and Creative Groups

The two essential words going forward are Innovation and Creation. In South West Herts from the beginning of 2017 we are going to be working on bringing people together so that we can begin to invent alternative ways of solving challenges in our communities and for local businesses.

Local Projects

From these creative discussion groups ideas will begin to unfold on how we can improve our local communities and keep more business within our local economy, supporting the hard working entrepreneurs amongst us.

Projects to solve challenges with willing contributors can then access the Community Hub and tools that have been put in place to publicise and acknowledge the good work being done and those people recognised for their contribution. Everything is in place to begin to turn around our communities...

Don't forget some people are already ahead of the game and have started projects, groups and initiatives... please let us involve these people we can start off by publicising everything they are doing and get the ball rolling immediately. [... more on Local Projects we are supporting]

Community In Action - Innovation

These are open sessions in the vein of Link4Coffee or Link4Drinks events but the difference will be the presence of a Community Coach and the underlying purpose of the meetings. [... click here for more on the community coach]

Community Innovation groups are being created to enable us to come together and innovate new ideas and alternatives to the way things are done now. In so doing we begin to stimulate our thinking and our thoughts. We begin to use the brain in a 'how do we solve this challenge' with thinking that is outside the box. This process that then be applied in our businesses and other activities in our lives. Breaking free from the shackles of years of acceptance and conditioning. The answers are out there we just haven't connected with them yet.

Example : Watford Homeless - The Little Larder

Link4Business-i ~ Innovation & Creative events

Being in charge of your own business has lots of advantages but it also presents a whole set of other challenges. Starting a business has never been easier, running a business never more difficult. We are just unable to know everything, and so constantly need the advice and guidance of others whom, we can trust to give us impartial advice THAT BENEFITS US... not advice that benefits those giving it.

Link4Business-innovation is a different kind of networking. Local businesses come along not to sell their business to others in the room, but to see what part they could play in creative contribution to developing the local business community. Through contribution, ideas, applying our own thinking we learn about each other, really connect at a different level, and everyone wins.

Topics we might consider could be, "how can we solve the problem of bringing more business back to local independent traders?". I am sure together we could come up with some great ideas that we could turn into projects to get things moving.

Once we start innovating and creating together we will find bountiful new ideas to work on and this will spawn local projects we can all participate in (and benefit from), and other groups.

These events will all be run under the community coach guarantee and upholding the 7 principles of Link4Growth. It is envisaged that everyone will have a chance (if so desired) to host an event, keeping the events fresh and enabling each of us to practice the habits of running resilient communities. Learn more about Link4Business in South West Herts.