People... the most important focus

What if money didn't exist?

A little extreme especially as we have never known a world such as this, but a helpful concept to imagine. The likelihood is, that we will be moving to a world where this is more probable than not.

More automation, renewable energy (cost reduction) and recycling coupled with less human involvement in producing goods and services, all combine to reduce prices and our need for money... then what will we do?

There is a huge impact of this transition, but suffice to say... we will have time to 'find our own way, do what we want to do, pursue what actually makes us happy'. Taking money off the table as the primary driver, enables us to focus on what needs doing, not what earns us a living...

What is really most important?

There can be many triggers for us to discover what is really important in our lives. For some it is when they lose all possessions and signs of material wealth. For others it is to visit someone in hospital or when attending a funeral of a loved soul.

There is a saying... "people will forget what you did, but they won't forget how you made them feel". All of the above bring us back from the 'smoke and mirrors' of life to the reality. We all want to be useful, to have a meaning in our life, to serve, to 'help' others with our skills and knowledge. Without meaning in our lives, who are we? Why live? ... something that might gain more consideration as baby boomers begin to swell the population of this age group.

Connection & Relationships

When we strip away everything else... whether it is a conscious choice or forced upon us by circumstance in some way, our connections and relationships with others are the building blocks of our lives. These fundamental relationships whether fulfilling or destructive are the basis for the content of our life. Possessions come and go... wear out, or lose their lustre... and it seems that we have been focusing far too much of our attention in this place of late.

The state, governments, institutions, all fall way short of providing us with a society that meets our collective needs. How did we ever think we could surrender our responsibility to ourselves and our neighbours and believe that others would pick up the slack? We abdicated to the gentle whisper of a beguiling promise.

To look our for, and look after each other is "our responsibility", each and every one of us. People are more important than the next TV, Smart Phone or car... we all have enough stuff... what if we put the same effort into connections and community? ... it does't require money to turn that around.

Becoming a great 'Human being'

One of the saddest diseases of our time is the proliferation of comparison. How am I doing compared to others. Normally measured by countable means... qualifications, money, or popularity. These roughly translate into scientific or academic achievement, business / career or sporting financial success, and celebrity / popularity status through any means possible.

We have been conditioned to believe that unless we achieve according to the 'normal accepted' path set out for society, that we are failures. Self esteem and self worth slipping to all time lows in today's modern world.

And yet we are all amazing... we are all unique in that we are the summary of our entire life's experiences to date. No one is better than anyone else, no one. Who is able to sit in judgement and assess that anyway?

The only person we can be better than is who we were yesterday. If we strive to be the best version of ourselves, no one can ask any more of us than that.

Community & Relationships... an inside job?

What would our communities look like if we all took more responsibility? How could we begin that process?

What if we became involved in local projects that enables us to be part of a community and through this we can began to 'find our own way'? If we could bring people together to share ideas and collaborate in 'creative thinking spaces' that allows us to grow, free from the pressure to meet the needs or expectations of others, then maybe this would be a start? [... see Community Coaches]