Real TV

Rather than searching around for local videos (or just plain not finding them) we have set up 80+ community TV channels. These are organised by Town and Type of video so that we can easily find video content that is local to us. This is TV created by us the people not programmed by media organisations... Real TV.

Easy to "tune in" local community TV

The Local TV is available through the Community Communications Hub, so it is easy to find local videos (TV) content.

TV shows you can trust, made by us in the community

All of the shows that appear into the Community TV channel are either produced locally or are about things going on in the local area. None of these videos are produced by organisations so they might not be as professional as you are used to... but they are 'honest' and they are 'made by us' the people who live around us.

Harvesting local video's

Video content and YouTube in particular is the 2nd largest search engine on the Internet. There are billions of videos. One of the biggest challenges is getting these videos in front of 'relevant' people. Anyone producing video locally can provide links to their YouTube video for inclusion in one or more of the different playlists (categories of videos, e.g. business, charity, events).

This is a free service but opens up the opportunity for far more people to be able to view locally produced video about what is happening around us... wherever we are.

Relevancy... Familiar faces and places

There is nothing more interesting than watching a video which contains places and people you know. People have always been spellbound by 'being on TV'. Well this is not the same as traditional TV, it's better because people who will watch it live around you! Now we can all get involved in community video... we all have the capability to record local events... so why not you?

Showcasing local projects & initiatives

This local community TV platform can be used to help our communities in many ways.

  1. There are some great initiatives happening right under our noses right now that no one knows about. This TV channel can transform the availability of information
  2. Providing examples of new projects being discussed and how these are going to benefit people in the area
  3. Highlighting things that need attention and inviting people to participate
  4. A platform for a whole new community media environment to grow. Teenager TV, Youth opportunities, Charity Channel ... there is so much potential in just this area alone
  5. Giving a much stronger voice to our community and what is happening

We have only scratched the surface, but with a national network of channels already in place this could quickly connect us all...

Recognising local people doing great things

Although at present it seems that there are relatively few committed, dedicated people doing a vast amount of work in our community. The worst travesty is that no one knows. These are the unsung heroes. Very often these people are what stitches our community together, without them things could fall apart... let us give them the recognition they deserve.

Sharing good news so it can spread & replicate

Bad news sells newspapers, makes money for some folk, creates fear and divides us. Positive good news encourages community, collaboration, builds security and unites us... and we can do it all for free.

CommunityTV enables us to get the good news out far and wide. Once it is on YouTube the good news can spread to other areas across the country and the world. Speed of replication and duplication is just a matter of how quickly we would like it to happen.

Linked to national channels for countrywide coverage

As a way to spread news quickly there is a central TV portal This portal picks up local videos from each of the 80+ community channels and provides a central searchable repository of all videos.

So videos can be found by Locality (which Community Channel), by Playlist (video type), in date order, or through a comprehensive search on Title, descriptions or keywords.

Videos recorded locally can then reach a much wider audience and be national... what are you waiting for?

... want more information on CommunityTV?

For more information please do contact us directly on or fill in the Contact us form. Alternatively visit to take a look at some of the video content.