Resources Centre

We are constantly building our resources as we grow... below you will find access to different services that we have been putting together.

This is our resource area for those helping to organise and develop community and business in the local area.

On this site you will find, Links, Training videos, Colateral, Imagery, Marketing material... and a whole host more.

A one stop shop for all the tools we use in growing our District.

This is the online equivalent of a community centre.

Here is the repository for everything that is happening in the local community

We are all able to post into this community hub. 97% of what goes on in community if good. This is our chance and place to share it.

Another way to share what is happening in the SW Herts community is through a Newsletter. This comes out fortnightly and is another way for people to keep up to date with what is going on locally

Like the sister community newsletter the business version shares what is going on locally in our business community. Supporting our local businesses and buying local is crucial. If we all work & innovate together we can positively influence our local economy in a big way

There are some amazing exisiting local groups in our community with zero visibility this website has been put together to start raising their profile. Plus... this gives us a place to host new community lead projects sharing alternative ways to get things done.

In Business? Finding it all a bit of a challenge? This is a good place to begin your journey. There is a huge amount of free support available it's just a question of knowing where to look.

An exciting new game to bring us alive in our businesses. A fun way to develop both ourselves and our business in a collaborative and engaging way!

We've got some really gifted people out there in our communities. Many of us are just so frustrated because we know people would benefit from what we are writing but we just can't reach them.

Well... now you can!

If you'd like to be part of a warm, friendly, supportive community of trusted businesses people take a look at this site. We're focused on helping each other succeed through collaboration, learning, discovery and innovation. Goals include being happy and having a lot of fun too!