The Community Communications Hub

SW Herts Community Communications Hub

The Community Hub has been created because 97% of what happens in our community is good news but there is no single, easy to navigate place that we can easily put it. Additionally having a single place where all our local community information is accessed takes the pain out of searching around the Internet for local things that we're interested in.

South West Herts covers the following towns : Watford, Rickmansworth, Northwood, Bushey, Oxhey South Oxhey, Carpenders Park, Kings Langley, Abbots Langley, Garston, Leavesden, Chorleywood and Harefield

The Community Hub is a website with a very important difference. We, the people, are in charge, the more we post and update, the more useful it becomes.

Although parts of the site are managed, any of us can join the team to help grow it. There are also noticeboards that any of us can post into, these are for both community and local business.

More details on the different functions below

Information for you

Below are the different elements of the SW Herts Community Communications Hub.

Local Community Calendars

We use Google Calendars so each community in the district can have one place to put everything that is going on. Local people who know what is going on in their community can update this themselves. Please [contact us] if you would like to help. Visit Watford Calendar here

Community TV

Structured use of YouTube means we now have local community TV channels. We can report on any local good news stories. If you have video content and would like us to place onto the LocalTV portal then just email or use the [contact us] page

Articles / News / Reports

We use Blogger to report local news. If you have a story that you would traditionally send to a local newspaper or magazine then please send to us as well. We would love to share on the community hub. If you would like to be a Community Reporter let us know too [contact us]

Community Noticeboards

There are a great many local Facebook groups that exist now for our towns and communities. So many that it is a bit of a struggle to track them all down. Also posting information has become a bit of a challenge with so many groups and the risk of being a bit of a spammer too.

Each of the towns in the district has their own page along with a community noticeboard. These don't replace the Facebook groups but act as more of hyper local community news feeds that we can all post into. With the advantage of "posting categories" it makes finding what you are looking for much simpler.

Business Noticeboards / Directories

As part of building collaboration between local businesses, promoting the idea of buying locally, and helping local businesses to market themselves more effectively, the community hub has town based business noticeboards / directories for our local businesses. These are free to join, and... free to post in... and... you can post into these as a local business yourself whenever you like.

Think of these as once again hyper local communities but for businesses and with categories for different types of businesses. This makes finding a local business in a certain field much easier for people looking and it's all in one place... and, you can communicate with the business owner directly. Couple this with the Business Creative initiatives, local business just got a huge lift!

Local Project web site library

As we begin to innovate and create, projects and action groups that deliver real results will start to appear. An ideal way to share information about a project is through a website. This website has been created using Google Sites. Free and easy to create, no domains and hosting payments, anyone can do them, mobile friendly and great in searches. This site was created using this service.

Now we can really begin to get the good news out there in a simple, effective way so that others in the community can learn what is being done and who is involved.

All other local community resources

With so many community groups, charities, local businesses, schools, faith groups, sports and entertainment organisations it can become a minefield to search for things. The Community Hub acts as a Hub for all local resources which mirrors how we are organised physically on the ground.

If you are involved in a Community organisation of any type please do connect with us and share what is going on, just email or use the [contact us] page.

You will have spent time building websites and other online resources so please let us help you to get your message out there to those in the community.