Friends of Upton Hill

They took all the trees/ Put 'em in a tree museum/ And they charged the people/ A dollar and a half just to see 'em/ Don't it always seem to go/ That you don't know what you've got/ Till it's gone/ They paved paradise/ And put up a parking lot. - Joni Mitchell, Big Yellow Taxi, 1969

Next Steps

Friends of Upton Hill believe parks are for parkland not for bigger parking lots. NOVA Parks' "improvement" plan for Upton Hill Regional Park still needs improvement. The cost has ballooned from $3 million to almost $4 million over the last year. The plan will add over 26,000 square feet of new asphalt for expanded parking, remove mature trees and reduce greenspace.

This is not the kind of change the park needs. NOVA Parks already does not maintain the park adequately. Trash and invasive species are taking over the forest.

NOVA Parks should focus on restoring the forest, removing trash and invasives, and improving maintenance of the existing facilities -- the water-park, miniature golf, batting cage, playground and picnic pavilion -- to make for a more pleasant and attractive park experience.

Everybody out sledding on the hill when it snows.

NOVA Parks claims this hill is underutilized ("While much of the park is in a forest, there is an area next to the existing batting cage that is underutilized") even though it is used year round for free. Instead, NOVA Parks will pave over the hill, fence it off for a climbing structure, and charge an entrance fee. Meanwhile, the parking lot will continue to be underutilized sitting mostly or entirely empty three-quarters of the year when the pool is closed.

Father kicking ball with his young son on the green hill at Upton Hill Park.

NOVA Parks will pave over hill to make a climbing structure and expand the parking lot.

"Urban and suburban storm water is the source of about 15 percent of the total nitrogen entering [Chesapeake] Bay, and is the only source that is still increasing.... It is one of the major reasons that the Bay remains on EPA's "dirty waters" list and is now subject to the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint." (Polluted Runoff -- The Gray Funnel of the Chesapeake).

Arlingtonians top priorities for their parks are, "Hiking trails, natural areas and wildlife habitats, and paved multi-use trails," according to a statistically valid survey of residents conducted for the County by ETC (County Residents Have Big Needs for Parks and Recreation, Arlington County, March 24, 2016).

NOVA Parks' plan goes against Arlington County environmental policies for preservation of greenspace and promotion of alternate modes of transportation. Arlington County's Master Transportation Plan calls for reducing: "the impact of travel on community resources including air and water quality, and increase energy efficiency. A strategy for this is: "Minimize the creation of impervious surface area for streets and other transportation facilities, and manage the collection and release of runoff in an effective and environmentally sensitive manner." Arlington County also seeks to promote a car free diet.