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Statement on Rental and Resale Permits and Inspections

The Fire Marshal is required to inspect and issue a permit for the resale or rental of Deerfield Township property per state law.

A resale is the private sale of a house to another person.  Nothing is required from the township to sell your home or for the buyer to purchase a home.  Other regulations (septic and well tests, etc) will still apply.  Septic and well test results should be forwarded to the Cumberland County Department of Health.

Rental registration is still required.  As of right now, the state form (see below) shall be used to register your rental with the township.  Currently the business fee is $125 and the residential fee is $50. Late fees will be enforced.

The township will not be performing any physical rental inspections at this time except for fire.  

Tenants who have complaints regarding their rental unit or landlord can apply for relief from the Superior Court, Special Civil Part, Landlord-Tenant Section.  Please see this website for more information:  https://www.njcourts.gov/selfhelp/selfhelp_landlordtenant.html

Tenants who have health or safety concerns may also contact the township's Code Enforcement Officer or the Cumberland County Department of Health

Please see the Truth-in-Renting Guide from the NJ Department of Community Affairs below the Rental Registration Form for additional information.

Truth in Renting Guide

Truth in Renting Guide ENG.pdf