Land Use Board

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Joint Land Use Board

Deerfield Township operates a joint land use board consisting of a Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment

Meetings are held in the municipal building on the second Wednesday of the month at 7 pm and are open to the public. Currently these meetings are virtual due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Completed applications must be filed with the board secretary 20 days prior to the next meeting.

Public Meetings

All meeting agendas, approved minutes, adopted resolutions, and bill lists can be found at:  under Public Documents.

Notice of Public Meeting of the Township Land Use Board for May 8th at 7 PM 

A meeting of the township land use board will be held on the above date and time and official action will be taken.   

This meeting will be virtual only and conducted via teleconference.  Connection information is below.

All meetings will be available using ZOOM or in person at the Township Building. Your meeting link can be found HERE

MEETING ID: 848 5789 8171  PASSCODE 142845

We strongly suggest you test out your equipment prior to the actual meeting.  You can click on the above link at any time to test out your audio and video.


Dial in Phone Number:  (929) 436-2866

Access Code:  800025 MEETING ID 837 7033 8563


My Dial-In is giving a busy signal. How do I join my meeting?

For US numbers: If you’re having difficulty connecting to your meeting, you can send a text message to your conference Dial-In Number.

Text “Help” to receive a text message with a temporary backup number. Tap the number in your text to dial it, or you can

Text “Call Me” to receive a call that connects you with your Dial-In.

Once connected, enter your Access Code as you normally would.

Can I join a conference by receiving a call?

Yes. You can text “Call Me” to your conference dial-in number. You will receive a call directly that will connect you and you will then enter your Access Code as you normally would.

Note: For US Numbers Only. Message and data rates may apply.

FUTURE SCHEDULED MEETING DATES -  Reorganization scheduled for January 12, 2022.



Larry April

Vice Chairman

Alexandra Becker


Bob Mulford, PE & CME



Matthew W Ritter


Randy Scheule

Joint Land Use Board Members

Abigail Perlstein O'Brien (Class I)

Andrew Tartaglia (Class II)

Brian Casper (Class III)

Joan Pierce (Class IV)

Vacant (Class IV)

Rob Montgomery (Class IV)

Ron Pender (Class IV)

Robin Ricci (Alternate I)

 Vacant (Alternate II)

Meeting Dates

The Land Use Board Meets on the Second Wednesday of the Month

 in the municipal building at 7 PM. (Teleconference at this time)

January 12






July TBD

August TBD

September TBD

October TBD

November TBD

December TBD