Non-Slip Rope Sleeves

By Alan Rowe

To reduce rope wear, leather sleeves are often fitted where the ropes pass through the garter hole. Unfortunately these can slip down the rope over time, ending up on top of the sally.

One solution is to secure the sleeves in place using a cable tie. However, this can bring its own problems, as it is then difficult to move the sleeve in order to check for any deterioration in the rope.

To prevent these problems, we have attached an additional piece of leather to our sleeves. This is too large to pass through the garter hole. The sleeve is fitted so that this is inside the wheel, thus allowing the sleeve to be easily moved for a rope inspection, but not to slip down the rope.


Using a leather punch, make a 2mm hole in the sleeve, about 8mm from one end.

Cut a 100mm strap from an old leather belt. Punch four 2mm holes about 8mm from each end. Punch another 2mm hole halfway along the strap, about 8mm from the edge.

Fold the strap and stitch the ends together, passing the thread through the holes in each end. We have used a nylon embroidery thread rather than cotton.

Pass the sleeve through the strap and line up the hole in the sleeve with the hole halfway along the strap. Stitch the two together, passing the thread through the holes and around the end of the sleeve and strap.