Above: Picture of my Parallella on top of a Corsair Blue LED fan. Taken on 7/10/2019

Updated (7/10/2019)


  • Building a Parallella Cluster by Mark Dewing

  • Parallella/Raspberry Pi Cluster Computing - scattershot

  • Parallellagram

  • OpenSHMEM for Epiphany

  • Using C++ to program the Parallella - CODUIN

  • RISC-V port to Parallella Board


Below: Linpack (linpackc) Result on ARM cores on Parallella. (Code from: )

Result: Rolled Double Precision 98801 Kflops; 1000 Reps

Updated: 5/11/2019

I got the Ubuntu 16.04 running on my Parallella, by first upgrading to Ubuntu 15.10 then to 16.04. It took several hours in total, making sure my ssh connection didn't die. I tried the eMesh Epiphany sample, and it compiled fine.

Some Parallella codes I wrote / modified.

Simple Code in Epiphany Basic (ebasic)

Simple Printing and Core Identity and Loop Sample
By Tsubasa Kato 2015
for i=1 to 10
a = a + 2
print a+" "+coreid

ePython script (Written on 2016-10-22)

import parallel
if coreid() > 0:
        a=sendrecv(coreid(), coreid()-1)

if coreid() < numcores()-1:
        b=sendrecv(coreid(), coreid()+1)
print "Values are "+a+" and "+b
c = sqrt(a)
d = sqrt(b)
e = c + d


Me maintaining Parallella for use in 2018. vivid -> xenial . Working ok for now. Fingers crossed.

Parallella Ray Tracing Demo I run on the HDMI version.

Photo on left: Parallella Micro Server x 2 in Black box.


I've been experiementing with various ways to cool the Parallella since the summer was very hot this year. Below is a photo of one of the version. (The Parallella in a blue case)


I am planning to get the Parallellas up and running again in my lab. I want to be able to use it as a low power but many core experiment environment.


The other day I powered up my Parallella and connected it from my desktop computer. Didn't do much, just configured so it has static IP address. I need to make it so the other Parallella will have static IP address as well.


Searched about possible application of big data and Parallella and found one site. (refer above, CODUIN)

4/26/2017: Since I've been busy, I haven't been playing with the Parallella for a while, but I intend to; to make sure my skills don't get rusty.

4/8/2017: I measured the temperature using and the temperature for both Parallella Micro Servers were 43-44.5 degrees Celsius recently. This is probably because it's getting warmer here in Japan. I am thinking of purchasing a fan that operates out of USB.

3/26/2017: I enclosed the other Parallella Micro Server in aluminum case. It took a while for it to be put in, but the temperature is stable at around 41.5-44.0 degrees Celsius.

3/21/2017: I enclosed one Parallella Micro Server inside the aluminum case available from . I am going to enclose another one soon.

Parallella with a fan. The fan is an old Intel fan connected to a USB port cable via an adapter. Cooled quite well.

Parallella epython Mandelbrot example running (video)