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Site Updated on 4/26/2019

This is a somewhat obscure site I'm building for fun to showcase what I've done / made / or in the process of making.


Bonjour! mon nom est Tsubasa Kato, aussi connu sous le nom de stingraze.

amusez-vous bien!

My latest project is a .MP4 video Eyetracker that outputs CSV of the eye movement.

It's still in Version 0.1 as of 1/25/2017, but please take a look.

You will need the Visual Studio 2015 C++ Redistributable along with it.

Download the Eye Tracker software from here:


Possible applications: digital billboard that tracks people's eye movement after a recording has been made.

I can make a version that has real time output of eye-movement data too, I think.

This is an example of eye-movement done with eye-tracker-2-csv.

I plotted the movements with

Update 7/13/2017:

Feel free to contact me if you'd like to use this software for experiment, analysis etc. I would be happy to assist you in setting it up, consulting use cases, etc.


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