How to Help

We would love EVERY family at Bubb to DONATE AND PARTICIPATE!This year, there are numerous ways to do both. We hope you'll choose to help in one or more of the following ways.

Details on Ways to DONATE:

Donate your time – An event for 1,000+ people can’t come together without everyone’s help. Please volunteer to help with the event. Sign up for your favorite job online! In the mean time, we also need apprentices to work with our experienced Leads in many areas.

Donate an item or experience for the Silent Auction – Do you have season tickets to a sporting event or performing arts series and would donate tickets to one event? Do you own a time-share or vacation home and would donate a weekend getaway? Do you or someone you know own a business that would donate a product or service? Do you have a special talent (home repair, tutoring, cooking, etc.) that you would offer? If so, fill out the Donation Form and bring it with the item(s) to the WATSA HQ during Donation Drop-off Hours (see bottom of page). Please return your completed form by Friday, September 14 to be included in the Silent Auction Catalog. Questions about Silent Auction Donations? Contact Ming Luke at

Donate your talents and hospitality by hosting a Silent Auction Party – Are you great at cooking a certain type of food? Do you have a special talent for entertaining kids? Grab a couple of parent-friends and host a party! All you need is an idea for a theme and our Silent Auction Parties Team can help you with the rest. Fill out the online Party Donation Form or email our Parties Co-Chair Lisa Henry at

Donate a Lucky Lollipop prize - Bring a new toy/book/craft/gift certificate worth at least $10 to your child's classroom, where Room Parents will collect them. Each class is asked to provide at least 10 Lucky Lollipop prizes. Please be sure your donation is a NEW item that a child between grades K and 5 would enjoy.

Donate a requested item from our Family Giving Tree – In September on the wall across from the school office you’ll see our Family Giving Tree. It’s an easy way you can contribute to the Silent Auction. The apples on the tree are suggested donations and represent items we need for the Walkathon & Silent Auction – whether it’s an item to offer in the auction, some administrative supplies, or items needed to support events that our talented teachers offer in the Silent Auction. So pick an apple off the tree, purchase the item requested (or provide that amount in cash), and place it in an envelope marked Giving Tree along with a completed Donation Form. Turn your envelope in to the basket in the School Office. For Family Giving Tree questions, please contact Cindy Chow at

Donate homemade baked goods for the Bake Sale – Sign up on Konstella to bring cookies, cupcakes, other individual-serving treats, or a whole multiple-serving treat (cake, pie, etc.). Please DO NOT donate store-bought items – they just don't sell as well as good old homemade treats. On the morning of the event, please bring your baked treats to the Staff Lounge.

Donate handmade creations for Craft Corner – Calling all crafty parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles out there! Please consider creating one of your masterpieces to donate to the WATSA. We'll sell it at Craft Corner and all proceeds will go to fund enrichment programs for our Bubb Cubs. So if you like knitting, crocheting, sewing, jewelry making, wood working, pottery, painting, etc, we'd love to see your handiwork at Craft Corner! Items don't have to be big or expensive, just hand made with love. Craft Corner donations will be accepted during Donation Drop-Off Hours (see bottom of page).

Donate a bottle of wine for the Wine Cellar – Bring a favorite bottle of wine worth at least $20 with a completed Donation Form to the WATSA HQ during Donation Drop-off Hours (see bottom of page). Your bottle will be offered in the Wine Cellar at the event. Hidden amongst these $20+ bottles will be one or more very fancy bottles of wine. Participating adults will then donate $25 to take home a mystery bottle. It's like Lucky Lollipops for the grown-ups!

Details on Ways to PARTICIPATE:

Purchase your 2019 Walkathon T-shirts – It's a great value at $7 for kids and $14 for adults. Plus, remember the kids get credit for wearing these school spirit T-shirts EVERY FRIDAY throughout the whole school year! T-shirts go on sale when class lists are posted at 3:30 p.m. on Friday, August 16, or you can order them online.

Help your child sign up and collect pledgesPledge Forms are available online as well as in the school office. Before the event, kids gather pledges from family, friends and neighbors. The pledges can be a certain amount per lap or a flat amount. Then on the day of the event, the kids walk as many laps as they can. For all those per-lap pledges, the more the kids walk, the more money they raise for the school. After the event, the kids go back to their family, friends, and neighbors to tell them how many laps they walked and to collect pledges.

Encourage your child to walk as many laps as possible – The more they walk, the more money they raise! And there is no better cheerleader for your child than YOU!

Grab a Lucky Lollipop for your all-star walker – They'll thank you for it! Lucky Lollipops are a huge hit with the kids. For a $10 donation, your child gets a cool lollipop AND a surprise toy/book/craft/gift that has been donated by a Bubb family. So be sure to hop in line with your kids for a great surprise while also helping to raise funds for Bubb.

Bid on Silent Auction items and parties – Not only do all the proceeds go to Bubb, but you'll also have a blast meeting other great families in our Bubb community! The Silent Auction offers a wide variety of items and experiences in all price ranges. There are kids' parties, camps and outings as well as fun things for parents such as winery tours, ethnic dinners, and dance parties. And Bubb’s Amazing Race for families is always a sell-out! There are items like locally made jewelry and kids' lunchboxes. Donations come from Bubb families and many local businesses. If you are looking for a new restaurant or summer camp options, there will be several to bid on. Be sure to check out all the incredible offerings this year in the Silent Auction Catalog and plan your bidding strategy. Ready, Set, BID for BUBB!

Buy some homemade treats at the Bake Sale – Two words: Yum and yum! OK, more words. This year you'll be able to purchase not only individually-sized treats like cookies, cupcakes, brownies and cake-pops, but also whole items like cakes, pies, etc. So grab a little something to eat right away and a big something to share with your family later!

Buy some handmade masterpieces at Craft Corner – We’ve got some very talented members of the Bubb Community, and they’ve created an array of wonderful items you’re definitely going to want to take home. Please visit Craft Corner to check out these unique and special items. And every penny you pay for them will go directly toward funding enrichment programs for our Bubb Cubs.

Eat dinner at the event – Profits from food sales go directly to our Bubb enrichment programs. You'll have several options from our food truck vendors. Pizza and snacks like popcorn, fruit, bottled water and soft drinks will be available for purchase at our Cub Cafe. For dessert, the Bake Sale will offer individual-serving treats, as well as whole cakes/pies to take home. And Baskin-Robbins will be on-site to provide hand-scooped ice cream cones.

Visit the Wine Cellar – Try your luck on what could be your new favorite wine! Our Wine Cellar will be stocked with lots of great donated bottles, with values starting at $20 per bottle. Hidden amongst these favorites will be one or more very fancy bottles of wine. Interested adults sign up to pay $25 at auction check-out and then draw a bottle number at random to take home one of these great bottles of wine, not knowing what they’re going to get. It's like Lucky Lollipops for the grown-ups!

Donation Drop-Off Hours

Please bring your Walkathon and Silent Auction donations to one fo the WATSA Co-Chairs under the Blue Canopy beginning Friday, September 6, on the following dates/times:

Mondays 8:15 a.m. (after the school-wide assemblies)

Tuesday - Friday 8:05 a.m. (after drop-off)

Have questions about the event? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact WATSA Co-Chair Ming Luke (