Earn for Bubb

How does the Bubb PTA raise money?

We have several sources of funding and each is vital in continuing to fund our many school programs.

Membership & Donations

Support Bubb School by becoming a member of the PTA. Our annual membership is $10, and it grants you a voting voice at all PTA general meetings and various member discounts. Our goal is to have 100% of Bubb Families as members.

You can now join, pay for membership, and make direct contributions to the Bubb PTA online by visiting our PTA Membership page.

Annual Fundraisers

Each year we raise the majority of our budget's income through our annual fundraising events: Walkathon & Silent Auction, Book Fairs, and Spiritwear sales. Thank you for making these events so successful!

Rewards Programs

Another very important and growing source of funding is through rewards programs. At no extra cost to you, you can make a difference at Bubb by participating in the Amazon, Box Tops for Education, eScrip, Nob Hill Something Extra, Office Depot, Sports Basement, and Target rewards programs. For every dollar you spend, Bubb gets a percentage back. Please see our Rewards Programs page for complete details on how to sign up for each program.

Corporate Matching

Many companies offer corporate matching programs. You must sign up through your company portal and designate Bubb Elementary PTA as the recipient. Please make sure to read through the FAQ on our website to ensure the funds go to Bubb PTA (and not to the California State PTA (CA PTA)).

How does Bubb PTA use fundraising money?

Bubb School PTA raises money to fund many programs throughout the school year that enrich the excellent education our children receive at Bubb. Please see our "Where does the money go?" page for a complete list of the many programs and community-building events we support each year.