Project Cornerstone FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an UPstander?

    • A person who does the right thing.
    • A hero who stands up for what is right WITHOUT putting themselves in harm’s way. This is the person that says or does something to positively influence either the target or the person doing the bully behavior, so that the bullying is interrupted. They stand up to bully behaviors and advocate for targets. They make everyone feel like they belong.

What does “bucket filling” mean?

    • The act of filling one’s own or another’s bucket with good feelings, affirming words, or kind acts.

What does “bucket dipping” mean?

    • Using words or behaviors to hurt another person, often with the mistaken belief that removing good feelings from the buckets of others will fill his/her own bucket.

What does “don’t take the hook” mean?

    • This fishing analogy reminds us we can choose how to react to a hook (tease or put down). We learn strategies for dealing with teases in Simon’s Hook such as ignore, distract, use humor, and stay away.

There’s another phrase I was wondering about…

What is Project Cornerstone?

    • Project Cornerstone is a community initiative of the Silicon Valley YMCA committed to helping all children and teens in Silicon Valley feel valued, respected and known. Project Cornerstone has partnered with over 400 schools and community groups since it was launched in 1999. Project Cornerstone at Bubb is actually the Asset Building Champions (ABC) program. See the Project Cornerstone website for more information.

What are the lessons and where do they come from?

    • Volunteer Leads from Bubb attend trainings at Project Cornerstone headquarters each month and then personalize the lesson plans to fit our community. Bubb’s Leads then train all of our Readers before they give their classroom lessons. Lessons consist of reading that month’s book, a discussion and an activity to help reinforce the lesson. Books are carefully chosen to meet the program’s goals. See the Project Cornerstone Curriculum page for more information about the lessons.