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Project Cornerstone Teachers' Corner

Welcome Teachers! Many of you asked for extension activities and more information on the lessons. We will post the specifics for each book shortly after the Reader training on the second Wednesday of each month.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact the Project Cornerstone Co-Leads:

Jessica L., Vinita A., and Carol G. at


The Dot

Theme: Big is being the biggest you that you can be! Be kind to self, to others, and to the earth.

Staff Letter

SEL Core Competencies: Responsible Decision Making

Goals: Students will grow and change their behavior by thinking how their words and actions will affect others. They will choose to

do intentional acts of caring and kindness.


PBIS: Be Respectful

Complimentary Reading List:

Chapter Books:

The Invisible Boy

Theme: Reach out to invite and include all students 

Goal: Students will explore ways to have empathy  for each other, make and keep friends, and be UPstanders online and face to face.

Teacher Letter

Asset Focus: Positive Values, Social Competencies 

SEL Core Competencies: Relationship Skills

PBIS: Be Respectful

Digital Citizenship: Talking safety online, and cyberbullying

Complementary Book List:

Being Friends by Karen Beaumont

Best Friends for Francis by Russell Hoban

Better than You by Trudy Ludwig

The Blue Ribbon Day by Katie Couric

Four Feet, Two Sandals by Karen Lynn Williams and Khadra Mohammed

Friends to the End by Bradley Trevor Greive

The Friendship Bench by Whitney Dineen

*How Alex Learned to Choose his Friends/Como Alex aprendió a escoger sus amigos by Mayra Ottati Stern

How to Lose All Your Friends by Nancy Carlson

The Lemonade Club by Patricia Polacco

Making Friends is an Art by Julia Cook

Since We’re Friends: An Autism Picture Book by Celeste Shally and David Harrington

Stick and Stone by Beth Ferry and Tom Lichtenheld

Strickly No Elephants by Lisa Mantchev

Yo! Yes? by Chris Raschka

Chapter Books:

Just My Luck by Cammie McGovern

A Long Pitch Home by Natalie Dias Lorenzi

New Kid by Jerry Craft

Save Me a Seat by Sarah Weeks

*Available in Spanish

I Wish You Knew

Goal: This book promotes the empathy building skills of active listening, examining biases, and perspective taking. The power of connection through empathy helps students improve their mental health by learning to understand underlying issues in a person’s life. The use of active listening allows students to gain insight into the speaker’s experience, encouraging perspective taking and building empathy. 

Teacher Letter

SEL Core Competencies: Social Awareness


Ruby Bridges Goes to School (K-3) OR Ruby Bridges This is Your Time (4-5)

Theme: Be a world changer by standing up for the rights of others.

Goal: Students will perform courageous actions that build a more caring, just, inclusive, tolerant, and safe school community.

Staff Letter

Character Trait: Courage

Developmental Assets: Support

Positive Values

Social Competencies

Positive Identity


Boundaries and Expectations

Commitment to Learning

SEL Core Competencies: Relationship Skills

Second Step Skills: Welcoming Skill (All students belong)

Showing Compassion - put our empathy into Action (say kind words, help others)


Be an UPstander.

Identify the caring adults in your web of support.

Be open to accepting others.

Understand that everyone belongs.

It takes one to make a difference.

Use CHIRP tools.

Say and do something.

Stand up for each other.

Be a world changer.

Complimentary Reading List:

Antiracist Baby by Ibram X. Kendi

Coming On Home Soon by Jacqueline Woodson

Harvesting Hope: The Story of Cesar Chavez by Kathleen Krull

Mr. Lincoln’s Way by Patricia Polacco

Oliver Button is a Sissy by Tommie dePaola

The Other Side by Jacqueline Woodson

Remember The Journey to School Integration by Toni Morrison

Resist by Veronica Chambers

Separate is Never Equal; Sylvia Mendez and Her Family’s Fight for

Desegregation by Duncan Tonatiuh

Sit-In: How Four Friends Stood Up by Sitting Down by Andrea Davis Pinkney

The Sneetches and Other Stories by Dr. Seuss

White Socks Only by Evelyn Coleman

The Youngest Marcher by Cynthia Levinson

Chapter Books:

Brown Girl Dreaming by Jaqueline Woodson

Gone Crazy in Alabama by Rita Williams-Garcia

Hidden Figures Young Readers’ Edition by Margot Lee Shetterly

One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia

P.S. Be Eleven by Rita Williams-Garcia

Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai

Undefeated: Jim Thorpe and the Carlisle Indian School Football Team by Steve Sheinkin

Clovis Keeps His Cool

Theme: Keep your cool!

This book demonstrates ways to control reactions to strong emotions by using personal power to control response. However, it acknowledges that sometimes one can lose control and lash out. In this story we learn about how to resolve conflict, the importance of second chances, and the power of forgiveness. 

Staff Letter

SEL Core Competencies: Self-Management


Complimentary Reading List:

·       Big Feelings by Alexander Penfold 2021

·       I Feel the World by Zanni Louise 2023

·       Keep Your Head Up by Aliya King Neil 2021

·       Ravi’s Roar by Tom Percival 2020

Chapter Books

·   Lost in the Sun by Lisa Graff 2016

·   Restart by Gordon Korman 2018

·   The Stars Beneath Our Feet by David Barclay Moore 2019

Eyes That Kiss in the Corners

Theme: Celebrate our multicultural and multi-ethnic world by appreciating and being grateful for the uniqueness and diversity

in it.

Staff Letter

SEL Core Competencies: Self-Awareness

The focus of this book is to embrace gratitude and appreciation for the uniqueness of everyone. By developing an understanding and respect for those different than yourself, you can recognize and cherish your own talents and strengths.



Complimentary Reading List:

Eyes That Speak to the Stars by Joanna Ho

I Dream of Popo by Livia Blackburne 2021

Lailah’s Lunchbox by Reem Faruqi 2015

Nell Plants a Tree by Anne Wynter 2023

Watercress by Andrea Wong 2021

Chapter Books:

Amina’s Voice by Hena Khan 2017

Inside Out & Back Again by Thanhha Lai 2013

Onyeka and the Academy of the Sun by Tola Okogwu 2022 

The Dot

Theme: Develop a growth mindset and change mud thoughts to clear thoughts.

Staff Letter

SEL Core Competencies: Self-Awareness

Goals: Students will learn that using a growth mindset can lead to developing a new unexpected spark and that learning a new skill can build confidence.


PBIS: Be Responsible

Complimentary Reading List:

Chapter Books: