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Written 10 years ago, by Marwood Yeatman in the ‘Last Food of England’, could we now say: "“To re-establish itself as a place to eat, rural England needs relabeling as terroire, populated by terrroire-istes, as in France and other European countries. It is already happening through the EU rather than because of any interest in food shown by the British government. The rest is up to customer participation and fidelity, a funny, old-fashioned idea thrashed into me by a pitiless parent. If you keep asking for the pork in Tamworth, you will get it.” I once bought a Tamworth pig for our farm, from the border country...see book for the tale. This is another worrying aspect of Brexit, as we may loose these interconnections we had with friends and funds in the EU to exchange ideas like 'terroire', using EU money

Food Assemblies across UK

RSA announce Commission into Food, Farming and Countryside because "We need to create a new space to have a new conversation, using a systems level view, acting as an honest broker to explore best practice and new thinking". Quite - can we have this based in the North?


P 219 in Bittersweet Brexit says "Workers in some food industries will feel threatened. At present the whims of markets control what is going to happen. However, we are looking a long way ahead. The changes proposed are not going to happen overnight. For organised workers this is the time to implement ‘just transition’ arrangements. Detailed debate

Proof of the Pudding



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3 Food Policy Professors Report

Public Procurement Presentation to Preston Food linking producers and procurers

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