Land (Chap 6)

Not All Land is the Same

Agri-Environment Schemes /Forestry

Land Use/Save Our Arable Land!

Soil Health /Birth of the Earth

Who Should be Doing What? Land Research

Not all Land

The land is ours have video of the Peoples Parliament discussing "Land Ownership: who owns our country?" chaired by John McDonald.

Agro-environment Schemes

Bright Blue 'Think Tank' suggest in Greener More Pleasant Land doing away with subsidies and replacing with market based system to encourage to work in a more environmentally-sustainable way by bidding for green contracts.

The CLA, NFU, TFA, CAAV, FWAG, GWCT, The Wildlife Trusts, RSPB and the National Trust wrote to the Environment Secretary calling for a commitment to ensure those in England with a Countryside Stewardship agreement are not at a disadvantage when the Government launches a new and improved system of environmental land management payments after EU exit. Bittersweet Brexit showed how agro-environment schemes as they are at present do little for the environment.


New CEH Report reviews role of trees in flood prevention with a systematic review of the current evidence in order to inform policy and planning decisions, and to identify knowledge gaps and areas for priority research.

Three organisations call for ambitious planting plan for trees The CLA, Woodland Trust and Confor say increased tree planting targets should be introduced, “with clear goals for forest cover that reflect the many benefits [trees] can deliver and that address our present unacceptably low level of woodland cover”.

Woodland Trust announce planting 50 million trees in North. "We can lock up over 7 million tonnes of carbon as well as potentially reduce flood risk for 190,000 homes." The government has pledged £5.7m, the Woodland Trust £10m and the rest of the £500 m over the next 25 years still needs to be raised

Land Use

CPRE Uncertainty - does loss of small farms matter?

Landworker Alliance Productivity of small farms Many permaculture plots look – and are – good – in showing what our land is capable of. However we have seen through the book, we can produce food relatively easily. What is difficult is producing it and making a living while doing so. Many alternative initiatives do not factor in labour – which is usually voluntary, or subsidised.

Soil Health

Minister George Eustace unveils scheme with strong emphasis on soil health He said a new agri-environment scheme must be "new and simple", which rewards every farmer for their work towards achieving a better, more green environment. "If we improve the health and the fertility of our soils, you can improve water quality, you can help address issues such as climate change and you can reduce fertiliser use.” Right on Brov

Biodiversity of soils - EU soil scientists

Have you ever asked yourself these questions: "Is the Soil a living entity?" and "Do you believe in 'Darwinian' evolution?" If you answer 'yes' to each of these, have you then asked "In which case, when did the soil evolve?" It wasn't always here. This webpage Birth of the Earth looks for an answer.

Soil Power - the Dirty way to Green the world "Scientists are documenting how sequestering carbon in soil can produce a double dividend: It reduces climate change by extracting carbon from the atmosphere, and it restores the health of degraded soil and increases agricultural yields. Many scientists and farmers believe the emerging understanding of soil’s role in climate stability and agricultural productivity will prompt a paradigm shift in agriculture."

New Sustainable Soils Alliance is about flood prevention, food security, human health, climate mitigation & water quality for the . Opened with Michael Gove speech on soils. In 'Transcript' he says "Countries can withstand coups d'etat, wars and conflict, even leaving the EU, but no country can withstand the loss of its soil and fertility...“If you have heavy machines churning the soil and impacting it, if you drench it in chemicals that improves yields but in the long-term undercut the future fertility of the soil, you can increase yields year-on-year but ultimately you really are cutting the ground away from beneath your own feat." I agree - and have offered my services to the Alliance.

SSA Launch Report and Call to Action "”Soil is the thin layer that separates civilisation from chaos, and life from death”. It spells out four distinct asks:

• A regulatory framework to promote best practice and deter harmful soil management practice

• A viable system for the monitoring and evaluation of the quality of our soils

• A robust compliance system of economic incentives balanced with regulatory measures

• Investment in training, education and public communication and a career path for farming as a profession