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Soil Animals brings to life the stories behind the 12 quadrillion little creatures in our soils by a soil zoologist.

Look at the Land is a tour of the West Pennines and how the land could be so different if it were managed for local healthy food production, by one who lives here.

Mad Food Markets examines the madness behind relying on food markets to solve the ills in the food system

Pendle Witch Trial is a trail about the famous Pendle Witches Trial in 1612 visiting all the local spots where various parts of the story unfold.

Sustainable Food Reports logs the main reports and concerns about sustainable food for ten years 2006-16

Where our food comes from looks at our favourite foods and how they got to grow where they do today.

Todmorden Learning starts the process of building learning materials for schools to find out how to grow locally

Seeds for Scotland is aimed to encourage schools to collect seeds for the future

Sustainable Supermarkets was set up by my class at Manchester Metropolitan University on what to look out for in supermarkets to buy more sustainable foods

GMO debate tries to have a debate about the role of genetically modified organisms in food and farming. is an archive of the radical science group called British Society for Social Responsibility in Science during the 1970s.

Agroecology makes a start on developing learning materials to promote more ecological approaches to agriculture

Save the Agricultural Wages Board plots what happened and who was involved with the abolition of the AWB

Agricultural Safety While I was representing the farmworkers on the H&S Executive, I produced this site.