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Welcome to the Belgian Brothers in Christ or Christadelphians

Dear reader,

Welcome to this site which brings some texts from the former general site of the Free Belgian Christadelphians.

As Brothers in Christ, we are followers and witnesses for Jehovah and of the Nazarene teacher Jeshua ben Josef - Jeshua ben HaElohim, better known as Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

Christadelphians or Brothers in Christ

The Belgian Christadelphians, Brothers or Brethren in Christ from Belgium, extends a friendly welcome to you!

We hope you will enjoy browsing the contents of this site and its related links. We sincerely hope that it shall not stay with this one visit. But we hope that you shall visit us more often and that you shall dare to take contact with us in the near future.

The Christadelphians are a small Christian religious group who choose the Bible or Holy Scriptures, the Word of God, as their guide.

We take Jeshua / Jesus or Jesus Christ as the cornerstone of the Church or our community or congregation. Since God as Supreme Head of the Church and Jesus are in heaven, our headquarters are there too and not on this earth.

They are our leaders and not some human organization that would require its members to adopt certain doctrines and follow human doctrines.

As a Christian community we do not adhere to a human ordinance but adhere to a creed based only on the Bible or Holy Scriptures and the ordinances of God.

Our leader is Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God. His Father is also Our Father, Almighty God, Divine Creator of heaven and earth. Our hope, based on the Holy Scriptures, is eternal life in the Kingdom of God.

These web pages are maintained by the Belgian Christadelphians or Brothers in Christ from Belgium, by the Brussels-Leuven ecclesia, who want to make known the Gospel or Good News of Christ. Our purpose is to spread the Word of God and the Good News of the Kingdom of God.

Provided our leader and headquarters are in heaven, every congregation or association here on Earth is independent.

We therefore work autonomously and thus this site is only an expression of a church community where Christians try their best to carry out the task assigned to them by God and by His son Christ.

We wish you a lot of reading pleasure.

Dr. John Thomas name giver to real followers of Christ

Coming from French Huguenot refugees the son of a Dissenting minister, also named John Thomas, John Thomas Junior studied medicine but had a firm faith in Christ. Trained as a surgeon and had an interest in chemistry and biology, publishing several learned medical articles for The Lancet.

When he went to the New World there was such a heavy storm that Dr. Thomas prayed to God and promised to work for him when he would survive that horror. From New York he travelled on to Cincinnati, Ohio where he became convinced by the Restoration Movement of the need for baptism and joined them in October 1832. He later came to know a prominent leader in the movement, Alexander Campbell, who encouraged him to become an evangelist. Convinced of the task a follower of Christ had to do Dr. Thomas spent his time travelling around the eastern States of America preaching, until eventually settling down as a preacher in Philadelphia, where he married Ellen Hunt and was the editor of the Apostolic Advocate which first appeared in the year of his marriage 1834.

By his profound study of the Bible, Thomas came to new insights and came to understand that there were so many false teachings in Christendom that he preferred himself to see a true follower of Christ and as such better not to call himself and his followers 'Christian'.
More people saw how his ideas were in line with scriptures and started following him. In 1848 the movement became international when he travelled back to England in order to preach what he now saw as the true gospel message.

In the States some of the followers of Thomas let themselves being called Thomasites, whilst others called themselves Bible Students. One of his pupils (Charles Taze Russell) would later get a very big following and create the American Bible Students and Russelites. Others stated calling themselves Thomasites. But in the U.K. the group became known as the Royal Association of Believers.

During the American Civil War in order to be exempted from military service, it was required that believers had to belong to a recognised religious group that did not agree with participation in war. Therefore in 1864, Thomas coined the name Christadelphian to identify the members of his movement as "Brethren in Christ".

English pages of the Belgian Christadelphians

This site was written by the Christadelphians to introduce our community to anyone who might be interested.

Christadelphians are found in many countries, but wherever we live we agree that the doctrine of Christ and His apostles is as relevant today as it was in the first century CE.

The Holy Scriptures, namely the Old and New Testaments, are our sole authority.

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In French / en français: Les Christadelphes Belges

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