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You are not alone. We have already made the mistake that you were just about to make.

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Introduction (the glance and move on page)

The aim of this website is to support beginner B4RN groups by spreading information and knowledge gathered by the efforts of other B4RN groups. Also to collate information from volunteers. This site is independent of B4RN and run by volunteers with years of experience of doing B4RN work. The collective knowledge of volunteers in some aspects of the task is now greater than that of B4RN themselves. We obviously work with the B4RN staff a lot – they are our friends. They are an invaluable help to our site, providing information and opinion. We have more spare time than they do. We can be more candid than they can. When we started with B4RN in our own areas, we had not much clue as to what we were doing. We had questions that were so stupid we realised we couldn’t ask B4RN. This is the place where stupid questions can be asked. The whole process of getting a B4RN area underway is easier than you think, and once you get going there are parts that are harder than you think. It will probably all take longer than you think. Information has been gathered from anywhere we can find it. Facebook sites have been a good source. We haven’t often asked for permission – in the interests of research and education we have just taken it. (If anyone wants us to remove anything, we will, but we’d rather you gave us your blessing) The website is jumbly. It may gather more structure in time. It will evolve. It will depend on the input from past B4RN groups and the engagement of new groups.

Every area is different, we need input from all areas.

Now move on, you’ve got a job to do.

We do not yet cover the following aspects - if anyone wants to contribute pages on those I will happily add them in

I. Project Launch

Forming an Action Group, Canvassing for public support, Public Meetings, Publicity Material, New Media, Signing Up – registering interest, Working with B4RN central, Initial contact with landowners

2. Running the Action Group

Roles, Communication internal and external, Priorities and Sharing the load, Keeping motivated

3. Finance

Estimated costs and links to route plans, Raising Funds, Shares/Loans and vouchers, Launch Targets, Working with B4RN Central finance, understanding costs etc.

And this is another related topic If anyone can write this lot up succinctly then it will get added.

Getting the most out of your B4RN Fibre service

Planning a home network, Wifi Coverage, Ethernet , Powerline Adapters, VoIP Services, Cameras, Video on demand services, Internet of Things, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Cloud Services, The B4RN service, what it is and is not!, Reporting problems to B4RN Help Desk. What B4RN can do to help, What you can do to help yourself and B4RN, Informal help at the IT club (Melling)

I would also like to know how it works after your village has been wrapped up and passed over to B4RN. In case it ever happens.......