Conditions and quality checks

SciELO SA’s conditions and quality checks are as follows:

1) The Affiliation % / Author Diversity

  • The SciELO SA Advisory Committee has advised that SciELO SA journals not be tested for the DHET 75%/25% affiliation rule. SciELO SA encourages the editorial boards of SciELO SA journals to apply best-practice and ensure diversity in the geographic and institutional distribution of its authors. An exact % is not expected, but a 35%/65% affiliation distribution is a good guideline. In exceptional circumstances more than 35% will be acceptable.
  • Co-authorship is encouraged, and more especially between institutions.
  • NB: Editors need to document the role of each author in the creation of the article.

2) Quality Measures

SciELO SA journals are expected to:

  • maintain the excellent quality of content,
  • follow established editorial practices; as well as
  • implement the ASSAf as well as the SciELO guidelines on strengthening ethics in scientific publishing.

3) Current Criteria for Acceptance and New Best-Practice Criteria

The SciELO SA Team will regularly monitor the way a journal has implemented these guidelines as well as how well the journal is performing on the platform. Where a journal is found to depart from the affiliation and other guidelines, the journal will be advised accordingly.

Queries can be referred to Louise van Heerden, the SciELO SA Operations Manager or Susan Veldsman, the Director of Scholarly Publishing at ASSAf.