Indexing of South African Journal Titles

For a journal to be recognised as an authoritative, high-quality information source, it needs to be widely available and accessible. Through being indexed, articles published within scholarly publications are disseminated to all prospective users, to be cited and to have impact. This in turn results in journals attracting high quality scholarly articles, which then impact on the overall profile of the journal.

The decision to include a journal as part of an indexing service is based on several factors, with most important being high quality content published on schedule. Each index has its own criteria according to which journal titles are included. An index therefore contains journal titles that adhere to certain criteria, according to the criteria for that specific index.

Accredited Journal Indexes/Lists

In South Africa, to qualify for research funding, researchers are required to publish in journal titles accredited by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). These journal titles are indexed/listed within the indexes/lists available at: DHET Lists with Accredited Journal Titles

Other Journal Indexes/Lists/Directories