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General Topics

Basic Material

Abraham's Bosom

Prior to the death and resurrection of Yeshua (the Jewish Messiah) also known as Jesus, there was a place located in the center of the earth called Abraham’s bosom. This is where the righteous people went who died before the resurrection of Jesus. This was a holding place where godly people were kept in custody until the time that salvation was made available for them by the atoning work of Jesus.

Fear of the Lord

Fear of the Lord speaks of reverential awe and respect of God that causes believers to order their lives according to the scripture because of the benefit of eternal rewards and the avoidance of eternal damnation. The worse thing that humans can do to a person is only to kill their natural body and beyond that there is nothing more they could do to harm a someone. The fear of natural death is the only thing that could cause people to fear humans. But God is much more greatly to be feared because not only can God destroy the human body but He also has the power to cast them into hell after their natural body is dead. Therefore, God is to be feared more than any humans on earth no matter what their human position of authority might be and no matter if they have power to kill the natural body.

Giving and Kingdom Finances

Giving and Kingdom Finances speaks of the spiritual principles that affect a believer due to their giving to God's kingdom on earth. Heart motives are one of the most important factors involved with giving because if believers have a wrong motive in giving (seeking only flattery or praise of humans) then they will have no reward for their giving from God. Only those finances which are given to a real church (run by Apostles and Prophets and Teachers) will have rewards in heaven. Sowing finances into cursed soil such as dead religious social clubs run by laymen ministry intruders will only bring a curse to those foolish enough to give to such dead works which are derived from human origin.

Led by the Spirit

Led by the Spirit speaks of believers being led by the Spirit of God upon the earth. God communicates to his children in many ways but the primary way is by the "inward-witness" of God's Holy Spirit imparting knowledge and direction to the born-again human spirit of a believer. God's sheep hear his voice and believers are sheep of the Lord's pasture and he called them out and leads them in every aspect of their lives on earth.

New Creation Born of God

New Creation Born of God deals with the fact that a believer has been made into a new creation spiritually when they become born-again by faith in Jesus Christ.

Origin and Operation of Demons

Origin and Operation of Demons deals with the fact that the believer is engaged in a spiritual war with a spiritual adversary. The devil will do everything possible to hinder them from receiving the good things that belong to them in Christ. This lesson also discusses where demons come from and how they operate upon the heart to influence humans to carry out their evil agenda to cause harm and suffering to humanity.

Overcoming Condemnation

Overcoming Condemnation speaks of how the believer must be aware of the tactics of Satan who will seek to destroy them using condemnation. Condemnation comes from the devil but "Conviction" comes from the Holy Spirit. Conviction will restore a believer to fellowship with God again by causing them to repent of sin. But condemnation is from Satan and has only negative effect of destroying the believer plagued by satanic condemnation.

R.I.P. Tithes

There are several types of tithes formerly found under the Old Testament that are currently passed away. I label these as R.I.P. or (Rest-In-Peace tithes) because they are passed away and no longer valid for the believer under the current dispensation. These obsolete tithes are the second and third tithe.

Root Sins

Root sins speak of something that is the “root” or "foundation" of all other sins which can manifest in a believer’s life. A root sin is similar to the root of a weed which causes the weed to grow back again after it has been chopped off on the surface. If a believer does not deal with the root sin then all of the surface sins will spout again repeatedly with endless cycles of repenting and falling back into the same old sins again and again.

Salvation's Race

In order for a believer to finish their race on earth it will be required of them to overcome sin. Apostle Paul encourages the believers to throw off everything that hinders them and the sin that so easily entangles them and to run their race with perseverance. A believer cannot finish their race on earth unless they can overcome sin. It is therefore important to teach about the tri-part nature of humans so that they understand the origin and operation of sin. If they can understand how sins works and were the sin nature resides, they will be able to defeat sin in their lives and walk in holiness.

Spiritual Restraints

There are spiritual restrains which are designed to restrain spiritual beings such as demons and spiritual beings such as deceased humans who live in the place of torment. There exists spiritual chains and spiritual chasms and the spiritual abyss which are created to restrain spirit beings.

Sin of Unforgiveness

The sin of unforgiveness can also be called the most dangerous sin because it can make even a believer into an enemy of God. Those believers who carry unforgiveness toward anyone else can be turned over to Satan and be destroyed unless they forgive out of the sincerity of their hearts.

Temperament Types

The study of temperament types should be kept on the most basic level. Whenever people become too exhaustive in the study of temperaments then there is a tendency to become distracted by it. Some people have even made a full-time career out of teaching about temperament types but it is enough to know that there are four basic types and this is enough to provide an understanding of why people behave the way that they do. The understanding of Temperament-Types can help married couples to understand each other and for believers to get along at work or at church or any other social gathering. Often one temperament type will try to convert another to become just like themselves but this is always a mistake. Each person must be true to the temperament type that God gave to them because if they try to be someone else it will only result in confusion and insecurity.

Three Parts of Man

Humans are made of three distinct parts much like an egg also has three parts comprising the egg shell and the egg yolk, the egg white. In the same way humans have a body and a soul and a human spirit. The human spirit is the part that is regenerated when they become believers. The soul and the spirit go together like the egg yolk and the egg white. These are eternal parts of humans that will live forever in hell or heaven depending upon whether the person is saved or not.

Intermediate Material

Anointing of Saul

The anointing of Saul deals with the prophetic word given by Samuel to Saul in [1 Samuel 10:1-7]. This prophetic word uses the two sons of Rachel (Benjamin and Joseph) as illustrations of two types of leaders. Benjamin represents a leader without discipline (spoiled as a child) who became self-serving as an adult and Joseph represents a leader disciplined by God's circumstances (in slavery and in prison) to develop his character and prepare him to handle leadership. The believers who accept God's discipline as sons will have the needed character development to prepare them for great things (like Joseph). Those who run away from difficult times and refuse to overcome will end up expiring of old age in the wilderness and never enter the Promised Land God has intended for them. The teaching of Apostles and Prophets flows along the lines of exposing and rebuking sin for character development but the ministry of a pastor only provides the milk of exhortation and comfort. This will not help mature believers finish their race on earth because they need more than "spiritual-milk" as adults in order to mature spiritually.

Atonement Series

The Atonement Series deals with the subjects of "Jesus the Fulfillment of the Old Testament, "Righteousness by the Law" and "Trying to Keep the Law by Human Self-Effort" and "Redemption in the Blood" and "Jesus our Lamb" and "Jesus Our High Priest" and "The Covenant" and "Types and Shadows" and "Type of Christ" which covers basic topics related to the redemption of the believer.

Christians in Hell

Christians in hell is a pertinent teaching lesson that deals with such issues as eternal security which is a false doctrine that says once a person is saved, they are always saved. This false doctrine sends many carnal Christians to hell who believe they can just repeat a salvation prayer then they can live like a devil and still go to heaven when they die! Nothing can be farther from the truth! The bible declares that without holiness no man will see God and only those who use their spiritual resources to overcome sin will enter the kingdom of God.

Demonic Culture

Demonic culture refers to the existence of many godless pagan cultures which are based upon false religions inspired by demons.

Demonic Resistance

Believers must be made aware of the fact that they will not just drift into heaven in a careless or aimless manner. There is great demonic resistance which is aimed at putting them into a ditch or distracting them or defiling them with the ways of the world so as to disqualify them from entering heaven. There are millions of false religions created by Satan to ensnare humans into hell and even believers can fall prey to these false religions if they are not guarding their hearts and minds.

Depend on God

Dependence upon God is a constant theme throughout the Bible. Another word for dependence upon God is having "faith" which means to trust God rather than leaning on human understanding.

Doctrines of Demons

Doctrines of demons are things that demons teach in in order to cause misery and disorder and trouble for the lives of believers. Therefore, the fruit of the doctrines of demons is misery and disorder and trouble for those who are deceived by them.

Escape from Christendom

Escape from Christendom is a spiritual analogy depicting false religion in the form of commercialized Christianity where believer have no commitment to the Lord but live however they feel. Such fake Christianity speaks only of God's love and forgiveness while ignoring God's masculine side of judgment for those who dwell in continual unrepentant sin for decades without end.

Factors that Affect Healing

There are a number of Factors that Affect Healing including the believer harboring unconfessed sin. Sin can open the door to the adversary to afflict the believer with disease and torment so one of the first steps they should take is examining themselves for any type of "unrepentant-sin" which can open the door to the devil. This lesson discusses many factors that affect healing and if the believer is aware of these factors then they can typically receive their healing.

Idols of the Heart

Idols of the Heart speaks of the sin nature within believers who love the world and want to be like the world while at the same time feigning being Christians. This is in stark contrast to the ministry of real Apostles and Prophets who rebuke disorder and sin and call believers to repentance. But contemporary Christianity allows them to pamper and indulge the sin nature by hiding it under Christian terms and lingo pretending that they were devoted to Christ. But this shallow devotion is largely superficial and found only in their song lyrics. This type of contemporary Christianity is highly pleasing and pleasant to the sin nature within believers because it does nothing to call these carnal Christians to separation in action (but only in words).

Parable of the Unjust Steward

The sixteenth chapter of Luke deals with money and its eternal effects upon humans. Those who are covetous and greedy will end up in hell and those who give to God's kingdom on earth will receive eternal rewards. The Parable of the Unjust Steward speaks of eternal rewards based upon giving on earth.

Principle of Twelve Points

The principle of 12-points deals with the issue of believers finding God's purpose for their individual lives. The 12-points used in this illustration are based upon each of the twelve blessings that Jacob gave to his twelve sons which depicts both natural and spiritual principles to govern the lives of God's people on earth.

Purpose of the Church

A real church has the following attributes:

1. It is led by apostles and prophets and has a foundation of divine order and holiness and fear of the Lord.

2. The real church is focused on families and bringing divine order to the families and having fathers mentor sons to become leaders to carry the knowledge of God to the next generation and mothers to train daughters to honor their ordained male authority as future wives.

3. Each family is a church in essence because a church involves male leadership and submission of wives to husbands and submission of children to parents with the male head of household implementing leadership for his family as he follows God and fulfills God’s plan on earth.

4. The church is to be a place of separation from the moral defilement of the world’s system. People cannot be pleasing to God and be worldly and carnal at the same time. They must renew their minds to think like God and not allow themselves to drift toward becoming worldly.

Root of Bitterness

Many believers have been defiled by a root of bitterness which has resulted in them becoming shipwrecked. A shipwreck occurs when a ship is broken into pieces and splintered so that it can never be repaired again. This is what happens to those who are victims of a root of bitterness. After they become shipwrecked in their faith then there is no more recovery available for them because they are finished and have come to complete ruination!

Ruth-A Spiritual Analogy

Ruth is an Old Testament book rich with revelation of God’s plan for man. Ruth is a story of a Gentile coming to believe in the Jewish Messiah Yeshua (Jesus). She is faithful through the Jewish and Gentile Harvests (the barley and wheat harvests) and she becomes part of the lineage of the Messiah by her son Obed. This is a testimony of a believer being faithful through the earth’s harvest, until the time when the Kinsman Redeemer comes to receive them as his bride when Yeshua (Jesus) appears on earth for his people.

Submission and Authority

Submission and authority deals with the fact that God has established a chain-of-command and within this system of delegated authority humans are expected honor those placed above them and submit to their authority as if they were submitting to God.

Types and Shadows

Types and Shadows and Parables serve as mediums of instruction which God uses to communicate spiritual truth to mankind. To understand types and shadows and parables it to understand revelation that is hidden or cloaked in meaning. While this knowledge is hidden from those who are considered by God to be unworthy or perverse in heart, this same knowledge is intended by God to be revealed to His people.

Types of Separation

The purpose of separation is to keep God's people distinct and separate from the ways of the world and from the world's system so that they can become a light to those who live in darkness. The moment God's people become like the world then they have lost their separation and can never draw people out of the world and back to God again. God has always worked to keep his people separate from the world for this reason so they could remain a light to those who live in spiritual darkness and draw those who live in darkness back to God and into God's light.

Valley of Decision

The phrase "The Valley of Decision" can be used as a means of illustrating a clear choice either "for" or "against" God. This valley lies between two mountain ranges and no one passively leaves this valley. This means that they will be forced to make a willful choice either "for" or "against" God in order to make their exit from the valley. At the same time, they also cannot continue to live in the valley forever because each person will be forced to make a clear choice. There is no middle ground and everyone must choose which way they will go. This is a valley of testing and the choices humans make will determine their future eternal abode whether it be in heaven or in hell.

Voids and Obsessions

`Voids and obsessions deals with compulsive human behavior which is often caused by voids in the human heart which humans seek to fulfill in numerous ways other than finding fulfillment in God alone. It is useless to attempt to use psychology to deal with voids and obsessions because psychology is a false science which seeks only to deal with the human brain. But the problem does not exist in the human brain therefore psychology is barking up the wrong tree! Therefore, psychology is unable to deal with the root issues that exists within the complex makeup of humans and is powerless to help anyone.

Wallowing in Sin

Wallowing in sin speaks of a believer who was once set free from sin but then returned to that sin again out of their own freewill and came back into bondage to it again. Such a person is like a dog returning to their own vomit again or a hog that was washed returning to wallowing in the mud.

When Milk Fails

“When Milk Fails” deals with the fact that "milk teaching" of comfort and exhortation is only going to be beneficial for newly saved babies. This however will not provide spiritual substance needed to satisfy mature believers who have been saved for decades. The primary means of delivering solid food for the mature is the teaching ministry of Apostles and Prophets who rebuke and correct and set in order and expose sin. If women control the carnal church (behind the scenes) then they will typically stop Apostles and Prophets from entering the pulpit and thus the congregation will be left with nothing but the milk teaching of exhortation. There have been pastors with many decades of ministry who have resigned because they never had anything but milk teaching and gave up on Christianity by falsely assuming there was nothing more. But there is much more for the believer if they will be allowed to partake of the ministry of Apostles and Prophets who are the first and second in importance of the Fivefold Ministry Gifts.

Wisdom in Diet

David praised God that his human body was fearfully and wonderfully made! The human body is an amazing and complex living organism and can even regulate its own blood-sugar levels. When there is excessive sugar intake the human body can produce insulin to remove the excess sugar and thus maintain proper sugar levels. However, if a person has been spiking their system with excess sugars for decades, they can actually condition their body to become over-reactive in insulin production. This may lead to a situation where they may trigger an over-production of insulin with only a small amount of carbohydrates or sugar intake. This spike of insulin production can wipe out their blood sugar levels and leave them with intense craving for sweets. This can be detrimental for them because overeating sweets can lead to obesity.

Specific Material


7K-Bible Old Testament

7K-Bible New Testament

Translation Mistakes

Alteration to Invent Deaconesses

Archaic Expressions

Assuming Female Prophetesses

Command Speak Native Language

Cutting Humans with Tree Saws

Distinguish "Worldly" Rich men

Division of the Continents

Endorsing Laymen Intruders

Iron Bed for a Giant

Keeping a Fiancée a Perpetual Virgin

No Produce from Uncultivated Field

Pitiful Sized Hand Baskets

Preaching to Righteous in Center of Earth

Received Instead of Dispersed

Satanic Entities

Speaking to Natives in Foreign Language

Wrong Use of Word "Bribe"

Zeros and Pigs

Businessman Topics

Here we will have the topics specifically related to businessmen and their special requirements given to them by God as leaders of business enterprises.

Diversification of Investments

Having a ranch or farm is a good investment because it has the potential to produce grain and livestock which are always needed by humans as food. If a factory is built upon that ranch then this becomes an additional layer of financial security which is an investment which is not dependent on agricultural prices. If a man has trade skills then this is yet another backup which can help him earn a living even if other investments are down. Investing in knowledge or tools or machinery (which can produce an income) are all potential sources of income to help a man become diversified in investments. The key thing here is for a believer to invest in himself so that he has the knowledge and skills needed to make a living and the tools needed to create a livelihood for himself and to invest in assets that generate wealth under all economic conditions.

Gift of Businessman Giver

There are businessmen with whom God has endowed with the gift of being a "Giver" and these men can be identified by their ability to generate great wealth in business. God gave these men the ability to generate great wealth so that they could support the work of God on earth and enrich all humanity by their giving. This gift goes beyond just an ordinary believer who works a job or runs a small subsistence business but rather these are men who are gifted to generate millions and even billions for the kingdom of God.

Projects and Levites

Projects and Levites deals with the fact that God has divine protocol set in place for providing guidance to the body of Christ. God does not stray outside of this system of protocol but speaks to those in authority who are within the divine chain-of-command set up by God. If businessmen "Givers" will work together with Apostles and Prophets then they would become like a boxer with a powerful left and right-hand punch. The businessmen could handle the natural side while Apostles and Prophets handle the spiritual side. Together they could accomplish great and lasting works by having things done according to divine order. Both the natural side and the spiritual side are necessary before any project can be successful (which is initiated to expand the church or help the poor).


A leader is one who is born with the fruit of leadership and this can be described as a gift of "forethought" or ability to see the future and perceive all of the necessary steps which must be accomplished in the present time frame in order to cause a group of people to arrive at a prescribed place or predicted result in the future. This leadership ability can also be described as the ability to initiate "cause and effect" to instigate circumstances which will result in a prescribed result.

Fivefold Ministry Topics

Apostles Abolish Disorder

Apostles are created by God to perceive disorder and can outline steps needed to correct that disorder.

Apostolic Foundation

The teaching of Apostles provides a spiritual foundation for believers which is needed for them to have the spiritual substance needed to finish their race upon the earth.

Apostolic Perception

Apostolic Perception deals with the fact that the Apostles commonly operate by "Revelation Gifts" which reveal things that are not normally seen by outward observation. An Apostle can therefore see and perceive things that are not visible to the human eye. Even a so-called "ministry" which from all outward appearances can seem to be something good, can be exposed as an "idol" by an Apostle who can see the inward heart motives of people who only seek to garner human praises for themselves by inventing some sort of self-sacrificial fake ministry. If Apostles are in authority, they can be used to discern the heart motives of humans regarding human good works or self-invented ministries or any of the things people use to bolster a good image of themselves in public.

Apostolic Theme

The ministry of the Apostle puts forth a constant theme within his teaching which is related to bringing divine order and which exposes idols of the heart and which calls believers to higher levels of consecration to the Lord.

Correct Ministry Application

Each Fivefold Ministry Levite should stick with their own particular calling and operate in their own gifts. They should also work together with other Levites of different calling and gifts so that their joint-ministry together can have "complete" fruit with nothing lacking.

Cutting Stones to Fit

The altar made to the Lord was not to have any of the stones cut with an iron tool but it was to be made of whole uncut stones. This has spiritual application to the word of God which should be accepted wholly in unadulterated manner as God gave it without humans trying to cut God's word (or adapt it) to fit preconceived human ideas.

Fivefold Ministry Gifts (Text)

Fivefold Ministry speaks of those men born from their mother's womb as New Testament Fivefold Ministry Gifts. These gifts include Apostle, Prophet, Teacher, Pastor and Evangelist. Each Fivefold Ministry Gift can be identified by the specific fruit of the ministry which they produce.

Gift Gone Dormant

Gift Gone Dormant speaks how a Fivefold Minister can have his gifts go dormant and cease to function in his ministry. There are a number of ways this can occur including if he yields to insecurity or he rejects his own calling or if he should ever act apologetic for the operation of his own gifts.

Heresy of the Evangelist

The Heresy of the Evangelist speaks of the fact that many of those men who have a Fivefold Ministry Gift of Evangelist will scold the congregation of believers for not winning souls. They typically suppose that everyone can do the same thing that they are gifted by God to do. However, there is a big difference in being called by God as an Evangelist and having a believer win others to the Lord by witnessing.

Jezebel Spirit

This six-part video series speaks about the operation of the Jezebel Spirit and is a must for any man working in the ministry. Even laymen must know how to deal with the Jezebel Spirit which would seek to cause disorder in the home or workplace. All men must know how to deal with the Jezebel Spirit because there are many women who are manipulating their own husbands and running the home and controlling the church and causing disorder. This is commonplace (not just an isolated instance) and men have to know how to recognize the Jezebel Spirit and know how to deal with in in decisive manner. These topics are listed here because men need to know how to deal with this Jezebel Spirit whenever they might encounter it at home, at work or in the church. Those in the Fivefold ministry must teach this subject to the men of their congregations so they will know how to recognize and deal with the Jezebel spirit in decisive manner.

Levites Naturally Gifted

Levites Naturally Gifts deals with the fact that it is only "natural" for a New Testament Fivefold Ministry Levite to produce the fruit of his calling. It is as natural to him as a bird that can fly without being taught how to fly. The fruit of the Apostle is divine order and the fruit of the Prophet is holiness and fear of the Lord and the fruit of the bible Teacher is revelation of God's word and the fruit of the Pastor is oversight like a shepherd watches over a flock and the fruit of the Evangelist is salvation as he wins unbelievers to the Lord. It is these ministry "fruits" which distinguish a man called by God with a Fivefold Ministry Gift.

Pastor's Dilemma

The gift and office of a pastor is "feminine" in nature much like an "ewe-sheep" because the pastor gives milk of exhortation and comfort just like an ewe provides milk for her lambs. The problem is however that milk is for babies and once a child is weaned from the breast then it is time for them to come under the discipline of their father. Believers will never progress into full spiritual maturity if they remain on "spiritual-milk" even after being saved for decades. They must progress onto meat teaching (which contains rebukes and correction) or they will never become spiritual adults. The "Dilemma" arises when they find that if they remain on milk teaching for decades they will eventually expire of old age in the wilderness and never enter their Promised Land. But dying in the wilderness equals to hell for old Christians who never grew up. But if they reject the meat teaching provided by Apostles and Prophets this will also bring swift judgment upon them. Old Christians are sick of the (manna) of milk teaching but in order to receive meat-teaching they must be treated as adults and then they will be held accountable for their actions.

Spiritual Gifts

There are Nine Spiritual Gifts which can be divided among three different categories of three-gifts each. This lesson teaches in detail about the Nine Spiritual Gifts and give examples of the use of each.

Sword of Division

Sword of Division deals with the fact that a Fivefold Ministry Gift will typically be in danger of separation from relatives. This is particularly true of the Apostles and Prophets. An Apostle cannot remain silent and sit by and witness disorder and not expose and rebuke and confront that disorder and put it in order again by the principles of God's word. The Apostle was made for this purpose and he cannot sit and be quiet just because he is in the presence of his own relatives. The exact same thing also applies to any man born with a gift of Prophet because a Prophet cannot sit still and watch people engage in sin and not say something about it. He was born for the purpose to expose and define and rebuke sin and he cannot remain silent just because he is in the presence of his own relatives. But this exposing of disorder and sin will typically bring a sword of division between that Apostle or Prophet and their own relatives who do not want to comply with his mandates and do not want to listen to his counsel given from the word of God. Being too familiar with him as a relative will typically cause them to reject his ministry and this can have bad consequences for them in the future.

The Scripture Does My Talking

This has application for the Fivefold Ministry Bible Teacher because it should be the Word of God that does his talking. This means that he should allow the Word of God to speak for itself. Never should he make statements in a nutshell because the listeners do not know how he arrived at that conclusion. If he will take them in systematic manner though the scriptures step by step then his listeners can see how this conclusion is solidly based upon the Word of God! When writing teaching lessons, the Levite should never miss an opportunity to quote the scriptures because only the Word of God has power to change lives. If what he is saying has no reference to God's Word then his teaching is reduced to the same level of intellectual confusion as given by a public speaker who is void of God's word and has no power to bring lasting change to the lives of the listeners.


This is where we have defined some of the terminology, we have coined ourselves for use on this website. "Barking-at-the-Pigs-Ministry" is one of these terms defined on this web-page.

Jewish Topics

There are hundreds of millions of Goyim (Gentiles) who have a great love and admiration for the Jewish people. As believing Goyim, they owe everything that they have to the Jews because it was from the lineage of the Jews that the Messiah was born who brought salvation to all humanity! Everything that is good and clean and sanitary and prosperous and orderly in advanced civilization can be traced to the influence of the Jews and their Jewish Torah (given to Moses by God). It is through the Jews that all of the nationalities of people on earth have received the knowledge of God about how to live orderly and clean and moral lives during their brief sojourn on earth.

Jewish Well of Salvation

This is a spiritual analogy of how Abraham took steps to establish the fact that he dug the well at Beersheba and this testimony was to be in effect for all following generations. In the same way, the well of salvation come from the Jews and is of Jewish origin and the Jewish Messiah is the Savior of the world. All generations of humans must acknowledge that salvation is from the Jews only and there is no other way to be saved other that the salvation that comes by faith in Yeshua (Jesus) the Jewish Messiah.

Everything Good Comes from the Jews

Everything that is good and clean and sanitary and prosperous and advanced in modern society can all be traced to the Jews. Education and technology and business principles and savings and investments and all that creates a prosperous economy and wealth and peace and order is all from the Jewish Torah which God revealed to Moses and gave to the children of Israel on Mount Sinai in Arabia. The greatest civilizations on earth in our modern times are those that have a Torah-based foundation both directly and indirectly. Direct Torah-based nations are those which have a direct Jewish influence like the nation of Israel that is governed by Jews and has a large Jewish population. Indirect Torah-based nations are those like the United States who have a large Jewish population and also have a large number of God-fearing Goyim who worship the God of Israel and have the complete Jewish Tanakh translated from the Hebrew which makes up the foundation of their bibles.

Lordship of Adonai

Jewish culture is based upon the Torah and the Festival of Sukkot is an illustration of this. The Festival of Sukkot speaks of G-d's people coming under the covering and protection and guidance of Adonai (the Lord). This is similar to how a flock of sheep come under the protection and guidance of a good shepherd who cares for them.

Mix Not Laws

The "Mix Not Laws" have a wide application to many topics. A few of the topics related to the "Mix Not Laws" are listed below. They include:

Not mixing livestock

Not mixing textiles

Not mixing plants

Not mixing metallurgy

Not mixing genders

Not mixing species to pull a load.

Parable of the Goat and Mother's Milk

This parable contains a mystery which speaks of the principle of not mixing that which is intended for investment together with that which is meant for consumption. This parable says the same thing as letting the mother bird go and tending your business in the field before you build a new house. It speaks of not mixing that which is for consumption together with that which is for investment. This parable has ready application for business principles for this reason.

Principle Approach

Torah principles apply to every gender and race and tribe and nation of humans that have ever lived upon the face of the earth. These principles are timeless and therefore can find specific application to every generation on earth. A principle is "general" in nature therefore it can be adapted to any circumstance of life that may present itself. Those who are trained to see Torah principles will become wise as they will always have the right answer (based upon Torah principles) for any situation that may arise.

Seed for Future

It is evident that the Torah Principle of “Do not eat the Hens” has a wide application to many real-life management decisions. This is useful for a farmer who raises chickens or turkeys or cattle or sheep or goats or any type of livestock. It is useful for wildlife manager to preserve wildlife for the future. It is also useful for financial management because this same principle also applies to business and financial investment. Money is just like seed for investments and if a man consumes his last money on consumer goods and spends it all then he will have nothing for investments and thus no income for his future. Those who spend everything they have without saving anything for investments will starve to death in their future. But if they save money for investments, they will have a continual income for the future and their lives will be prolonged when they do not starve to death because of their own financial mismanagement. In fact, most of the poverty on earth can be traced to people not following Torah-principles and thus they curse themselves and have nothing in the future and will end up starving to death!

Sowing into Good Soil

In the same way that sowing seed into radioactive soil found around the Chernobyl reactor will produce toxic food, the same is also true of giving tithes and offerings into cursed soil. Giving is like sowing seed and giving to the wrong place can produce a curse for the giver rather than a blessing. Therefore, only that giving which is sown in good soil will produce a reward and blessing from G-d. If someone gives into bad soil, they will reap a curse just the same as if they sow seed into cursed soil that is poisoned by radiation.

Touch Not Laws

Touch Not Laws deals with God's commands not to touch that which is unclean and today we know that the transmission of fungus and diseases and bacteria and parasites can occur by touching something which is contaminated. When the God of Israel told the Jews not to touch something it was often related to the transmission of something unclean that could affect their health.

Wisdom of Jewish People

There are many Gentiles who have a great admiration for the Jewish people and recognize that their wisdom comes from the study of the Torah since their youth. An internet search for great Jewish people (once produced*) a long list of Jewish people who have made the greatest advancements for humanity in all areas including innovations, technology, science, physics, chemistry, medicine, education, culture, sports, music, art and anything that has uplifted and improved the quality of life for humans on earth.

Man Topics

This is where we have listed topics related to men assuming their God-given roles as leaders, providers and protectors of their own families.

Attaining Debt Freedom

Instructions are given about how to pay off credit-card debts by paying the lowest balance first then using the money saved by paid off cards to be applied to the next larger debts in the series. In this manner many people have experienced freedom from credit card debt. Also discussed is the option of debt cancellation by bankruptcy which is based upon the Jewish Torah principle of the year of debt forgiveness.

C.E.O. Leadership Model

Child Discipline

Child discipline/training begins with recognizing God's ordained authority in the home with the man being the head of the wife and the parents as being in authority over the children. If the wife does not honor her husband as the head of the household, then this will thwart his leadership in the home.


Those who have money can rule over those who do not have money because those "in-need" will be forced to borrow from the lender who can dictate any terms he wants and the borrower will have no choice but to pay. Thus, the borrower becomes the lender's slave just as the scripture above has predicted. An example is given in this lesson of a group of men who prospered wonderfully together as a group by not using bank loans.

Divine Order for Women

This topic is placed under the category of "Men Topics" because every married man must understand the God's purpose of creating women. Only with an understanding of this divine purpose can men set their households in order according to the divine order of God (as related to their wives). This lesson also gives instructions for men in how to deal with rebellious wives who refuse to submit to their male authority in the home. They only have to place the "monkey" on the backs of their rebellious wives and from that time on the men will have delivered themselves from God's judgement and then the judgment will come upon their rebellious wife who refuse to submit to her own husband as authority in the household. If the man fails to do this however then the judgment will come upon him first because he is the head of the home and is responsible for any disorder that exists within his own household.

Expansive Energy

Expansive energy speaks of the masculine drive of force imparted to a young man who meets a young woman and is transformed in his purpose and direction in life because of procreation. Before a single man is married, he is barren and the same is true for a single unmarried woman who is also barren until married. But when two singles (of opposite gender) marry then both become fruitful and can procreate. It is this power of procreation that can transform a formerly aimless young man into someone of purpose and destiny.

Gender Not Equal

Genders Not Equal deals with the fact that God has throughout the scriptures distinguished the male from the female in many ways. The same theme is seen constantly throughout both the Old and New Testaments and serves as a constant confirmation that God wants the genders to remain distinct. This biblical principle however is in direct contrast to the ways of the world which has sought to promote gender-equality and change all society to force them to accept that which is perversion in the sight of God.

Head Covering and Submission

The doctrine of head covering is a doctrine that teaches about submission. Within God’s divine chain-of-command each level of that chain is to submit to the level placed above it. (1 Cor. 11:3) This divine chain-of-command is related to the doctrine of head covering and submission which is found in 1 Corinthians chapter 11. These scriptures speak of a woman having a sign of authority on her head and that is what a head covering is all about. It is a sign or a symbol of a woman coming under the spiritual covering of her own male authority.

Heel Grabbing Shrewd

To be shrewd means to be astute or sharp in practical matters but in these biblical examples we will show that being shrewd means to be able to see an end goal and perceive all of the steps necessary (to be accomplished) in order to obtain that goal.

Idolatry Curse of a Nation

During a single ten-year period over 5.8 million Filipinos perished in natural disasters. The same country has millions of Filipinos engaging in Spanish-type Roman Catholic idol worship. Idol worship brings a curse to any nation and when liberals open borders of a country like the United States (to import millions of idol-worshiping people) then the number of natural disasters has skyrocketed!

Last Man Standing

There exists a certain "mentality" among those of the world which is expressed by the statement "Women and children first!" In the world's system, the woman will typically run the household, the children will be served by the woman, then the pets, and the man of the house is like a rat that lives under the cupboard (who exists but has little say about what is done and is even of lower rank in that household than the cats and dogs). If this type of family (harboring such a worldly mentality) was abroad a sinking ship, their priorities would again be demonstrated by placing the woman and children on the lifeboat first, then the pets, and if there was no room left then the man would be abandoned to go down with the sinking ship. But there is something seriously wrong with this worldly attitude and the priorities which are reflected in the worldly statement, "Women and children first!" It is as if they presume that the man is the least important member of the household (even lower than the pets in value) and therefore considered something that is dispensable. While the statement "Women and children first!" may appear to sound "chivalrous" nevertheless the worldly logic expressed by this statement is deeply flawed. In direct contrast to the flawed logic of the world's system, God declares that the man of the house is the most important individual in the entire household. God has ordained that the man be the leader of the home and the wife and children are to respect and honor the man within the position of authority God has placed him in within the household.

Male Mentor Pool

A male mentor pool deals with that fact that not every father knows everything so often they will be limited in the knowledge they can pass onto their own sons. But if a group of fathers can start a male mentoring pool then one father could teach one subject for which he is a master to a number of boys at the same time. It does not take much more effort to teach six or twelve boys than it does to teach one so if a group of boys can be rotated through a program where each father teaches a specific subject (for which he is proficient at) then all of the boys in a group can be rotated through his class. So, if there are a dozen fathers who are a master of a dozen different types of skill sets then they could impart twelve different types of man-skills to the boys rotated through their group. In this manner every boy within this system would have all of the skills imparted to him that are made available by the male mentors within that group.

Not One in A Thousand

This lesson speaks about the fact that all women have inherited the fallen sin nature of Eve. Eve manipulated and controlled her own husband Adam. Eve assumed leadership over Adam when she first ate of the forbidden fruit and then gave it to Adam after she had already died spiritually herself. Feminine tricks speak of the things that women do in order to control their own husbands. This type of behavior can include banging pots and pans and slamming doors and removing the peace from the home. This is done force the man to give them their own way in order to have some peace in the home. If a man yields to this feminine manipulation however then he will have surrendered his God-given leadership over the home to the woman. Such a man is in danger of God's judgment if he does not take authority within his own household and put his wife and also his own children in order. This lesson teaches men how to put their households in order. They are also required to train their sons as future leaders and teach them in advance (before they are married) how put but their own future households in order with their future wives in submission and their future children obedient according to biblical precedent.

Progressive Prosperity

Progressive prosperity speaks of how people can follow biblical principles and rise up out of poverty and debt and experience ever increasing levels of prosperity.

Setting Households in Order

Setting the household in order involves a man having his wife in submission and his children obedient. If the wife does not honor his God given authority as the head of the household then the wife can actually cancel out the good discipline that the father provides for his children. Both wife submission and children obedience are foundational for a household that is set in order according to the divine order of God with the man placed by God as the head of the household.

Sin Nature of Eve

The sin nature of Eve speaks of the sin nature inherited by all women and this sin nature creates a tendency in women to seek to manipulate and control their own husbands. This lesson is therefore placed under "Men topics" because all men must understand that women have a tendency to control and manipulate men so they must be on guard against this tendency in women and know how to rule their own household without being controlled by women.

Pathway to Prayer

Pathway to Prayer is a detailed prayer guide which will help the believer to approach God in prayer according to divine protocol. The sequence of steps for approaching God are depicted by the layout of the articles of the Tabernacle made by Moses in the wilderness. This contains much spiritual revelation about how the believer can approach God in a systematic ordained manner.

1. Tabernacle Gates

2. Brazen Altar

3. Laver

4. Menorah

5. Bread of Presence

6. Altar of Incense

7. Ark of Covenant

8. Spiritual Armor

9. Praying the Word


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