Lesson Downloads

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Remote Location Lesson Access

Image Credit: Pixabay

The teaching lessons on this website can be downloaded from our cloud storage site so viewers can store them on their own electronic file storage system.

This has advantage for those who live in remote locations without internet access at home. This enables those who have no internet connection to save these lessons to a computer or USB storage device or an external hard drive. By downloading and storing the lessons to a storage device, they can view the same lessons on their computer even without internet access.

For example, someone may live in a remote region in Siberia or Alaska (that has no internet access in their home). If they travel to a city, they could find access to the internet in an internet cafe or borrow internet access from a friend. They could then download the material to a USB storage device then carry this home with them.

A computer can be run without grid power from a car or truck battery using a power-inverter or from a snowmobile or other machine that uses battery power. A computer can also be powered from a generator or a solar power panel. Thus, even in a remote area they would have access to our teaching materials and view them on computer even without internet access or access to grid-power.

Clicking on the link below will forward the viewer to the SpiderOak encrypted cloud storage site. All of these files are available for download on SpiderOak as both individual lessons or as an entire batch of lessons (all located in one folder).

7KIC Download Files (2-6-21)