illuminate overview 20-21

This year, Gr5-8 scholars will use our online testing platform, Illuminate, to take their assessments online. Teachers will monitor student assessments as they occur over Zoom, and students will access their assessments directly on Illuminate. Please see below for Frequently Asked Questions and troubleshooting guidance for assessment days.

illuminate FAQs

What does my scholar need to do before they begin their test?

  • Step-by-step directions for completing assessments on Illuminate can be found here.

  • To begin, scholar will first log on to Zoom

  • Teachers will share in the chat the link to their test.

  • Click this link. This link will take them to the Illuminate site and will automatically include the Access Code to their test.

  • Under ‘Student Login,’ enter your Student Number. Click ‘Next’.

  • You will then see the ‘Assessment Details’ and your own ‘Student Details’. Click ‘Confirm’.

  • Click ‘Begin Test’.

What if a scholar's internet loses connection during the exam?

  • If scholars lose internet connection, their work is saved on Illuminate from the point connection is lost. Scholars should reconnect and log back into their exam.

  • If scholars lose internet connection for an extended period of time, scholars should finish their exam during a make-up session as they would with any other extended exam interruption in school.

What if a scholar says they can’t see a picture or hear the audio during the test?

  • Scholars should make sure their computer sound is turned on.

  • Scholars should always first try to refresh the page.

  • If scholars still cannot access the test visual/audio, teachers should notify their DOO.

  • DOOs should follow the troubleshooting protocol and notify IT Support

What if a scholar needs to use their mobile device to take the test?

  • Illuminate Online Tests are compatible with smartphones. Scholars should type in the exam link in their internet browser on their phone. They will gain access to the exam in the same way students can access the exam on the computer.

  • Note: If scholars are on Zoom on their phone and open up the test simultaneously on their phone, the mobile device will not be able to keep the video camera on while the scholar is testing. Scholars will still be logged into the Zoom room and their microphone will still be on, but their video cannot stay open while other programs are open.

What if my scholar doesn’t have a calculator at home?

What does my scholar need to do after they are done with their test?

After your scholar is done taking their test, they will need to upload a picture of their work and submit it in Google Classroom.

What if my scholar needs help during their assessment?

A staff member will always be on Zoom with your scholar as they take their assessment. This should be the first place that scholars go if they need help.