Google classroom

Google Classroom overview 20-21

Your scholar will continue to use Google Classroom as a place to submit their deliverables as well as a communication hub with your child's school and teacher.

Google CLassroom FAQs

How do I sign up for Google Classroom?

Sign Up (Resource: Google Classroom Family Guide):

  • Download the Google Classroom app to your mobile device or log in at via any WiFi-enabled device (i.e. Chromebook, Laptop).

  • Sign-in using your Uncommon Google Account (your full email address), the same account you use to sign into your chromebook.

  • When you first log-in to your Google Classroom site, you will need to click 'Join' to join each our your subject's classrooms.

  • You will now be able to see announcements, videos and assignments to submit deliverables!

How do I submit deliverables in Google Classroom?

  • Elementary School: After scholar's complete their daily deliverables in their packets, workbooks or notebooks, they will need to take a picture and upload to the corresponding Google Classroom assignment. Please refer to the below resource to support this process:

  • Middle School:

          • For most assignments/deliverables, you will be able to submit your assignments online via Google Docs.

          • For some Math assignments/deliverables, you will need to write problems on blank paper, take a picture, and submit work digitally for those assignments. For this to go smoothly, please follow the following norms and steps for submitting these deliverables:

How To Submit Pictures of Work in Google Classroom

Where do I go if I need help with Google Classroom?

  • If you are having any technical difficulties with your Chromebook (can’t login, site is blocked, audio issue, error message, or freezing screen), you should reach out to mindSHIFT Student Help Desk (833-499-0397).

  • If you are having a hard time navigating the platform, please reach out directly to your scholar’s teacher.