mclASS overview 20-21

mCLASS is a reading assessment that your scholar's teacher will administer to determine your scholar's reading level. mCLASS will allow your scholar's teachers to best measure your scholar’s reading level in a remote environment, to ensure that they are receiving the right literacy instruction needed to foster their reading development.

mclass FAQs

How will my scholar take the mCLASS assessment?

The mCLASS assessment will be administered digitally through the mCLASS platform. Gr1-4 scholars take their reading assessment during asynchronous worktime at home in the afternoon, while GrK scholars will have the assessment administered to them by their teacher.

What will my scholar need with them when they take the mCLASS assessment?

Your scholar will need their Uncommon Chromebook. We recommend that they also use headphones when they take the assessment, but they are not required.

How will I know what my scholar's reading level is?

Your scholar’s reading level and area of strengths and growth will be shared by classroom teachers after the assessment round.

How do I allow microphone access for mCLASS?

When using a Google Chrome browser, scholar Chromebooks will automatically allow microphone access to websites. If microphone access is accidentally blocked, families/teachers can take these steps:

  1. Click the Padlock icon next to the URL

  2. Next to where the Microphone is click on Block and select Allow. Refresh the page.

How can I prepare my scholar for their mCLASS assessment?

Visit mCLASS Home Connect to review resources to practice and reinforce literacy skills at

Where can I go if I need help with mCLASS?

  • If you are having any technical difficulties with your Chromebook (can’t login, site is blocked, audio issue, error message, or freezing screen), you should reach out to mindSHIFT Student Help Desk (833-499-0397).

  • If you are having a hard time navigating the platform or how to take the assessment, please reach out directly to your scholar’s teacher.