actively learn

actively learn overview 20-21

Actively Learn is an interactive platform that scholars will use to complete their ELA reading activities, as well as their history materials. Actively Learn allows scholars to read and annotate texts online.

Actively learn FAQs

How will my scholar sign in to Actively Learn?

Scholars will sign on to Actively Learn through OneLogin -> Clever.

Where will my scholar submit their ELA deliverable?

Scholars will submit their reading class deliverables in Actively Learn. Their writing class deliverables will remain in Google Classroom.

Where will my scholar submit their History deliverable?

Scholars will submit the majority of their deliverables in Actively Learn. However, extended writing (Planning Pages, full paragraphs, DBQ essays) will be submitted in Google Classroom. Your scholar's teacher will specify where and how scholars will submit their deliverables.

How can my scholar upload pictures into Actively Learn?

In History, scholars will frequently be asked to submit pictures as a part of the lesson, eg. College Lecture Notes, Cornell Notes, IDCV charts, and Inquiry graphic organizers.

Guidance on how to upload pictures can be found below:

Why can't my scholar see the full lesson right away?

Scholars must watch the full videos before proceeding with the lesson. These videos contain important information that students must watch to successfully proceed with the lesson. Once they have watched the full video and answered the gateway question, they may proceed with the lesson.

ELA has one gateway question and video at the beginning of the lesson, and History has multiple throughout the lesson.

My scholar is having a hard time reading this text. Are there any support resources in Actively Learn?

Yes! Actively Learn allows scholars to define words, translate passages into other languages, and hear sections of most texts read out loud to them*.

*Due to publishing restrictions, some novels in Actively Learn do not allow scholars to use this functionality

What tools does my scholar need with them when they complete their lessons in Actively Lean?

ELA: Scholars may optionally have their Reading & Writing handbook with them, however this is not required as key resources are provided directly in Actively Learn.

History: Scholars will need their Cornell Notes notebook, and reference sheet (the reference sheet will be linked in each lesson)

How do I know if my scholar has completed their lesson in Actively Learn?

On their class home page, a banner will be displayed that shows how many unanswered questions there are in a given assignment. If your scholar has completed their assignment, they will not see their banner.

Where can I go if I need help in Actively Learn?

  • If you are having any technical difficulties with your Chromebook (can’t login, site is blocked, audio issue, error message, or freezing screen), you should reach out to mindSHIFT Student Help Desk (833-499-0397).

  • If you are having a hard time navigating the platform, please reach out directly to your scholar’s teacher.

  • You can also email the Actively Learn support team by sending an email to