Amplify Reading

Amplify reading overview 20-21

Amplify Reading is a platform that scholars will use to help them identify and grow their reading level. Scholars will use Amplify Reading to practice word recognition, grammar, writing, and comprehension skills at their targeted reading level. Teachers will then use the data in an ongoing basis to better scaffold and differentiate literacy instruction.

Amplify Reading FAQs

How do I sign in to Amplify Reading?

Scholars will access Amplify Reading through OneLogin -> Clever.

How do I know what my scholar's reading level is?

You will receive a letter from your scholar's teacher that lets them know their reading level. Please reach out to your child's teacher if you did not receive it.

When will my child be able to access Amplify Reading?

Scholars will be able to access Amplify Reading starting DATE in OneLogin -> Clever.

What is the difference between Amplify Reading and mCLASS?

mCLASS is the reading assessment that scholars take to identify their reading level, while Amplify Reading is a platform that students will use to practice literacy skills at their level. They will be able to read texts within game play for an interactive and exciting way to grow their literacy skills.

How long should my child be on Amplify Reading a week?

Scholars should use Amplify Reading for at least 60 minutes. They should not be using Amplify Reading for more than 100 minutes per week.

Where do I go if I need Amplify Reading help?

If you have questions, or experience technical issues with Amplify Reading, please reach out to your scholar's teacher. You can also email the Amplify support team by sending an email to