clever overview 20-21

Clever is a portal that allows scholars to access most of their education platforms using one username and password – the same that they use for Google Classroom and Zoom! Students will log on to Zearn, Actively Learn, and Gizmos through Clever.

clever FAQs

How do I sign in with Clever?

  1. In scholars' chrome browser, go to Uncommon’s One Login website:, which should be set as scholars’ homepage and/or bookmarked on their Uncommon Chromebook

  2. Enter Uncommon Schools username or email address and select “Continue”

  3. Enter Uncommon Schools password (same as computer password) and select “Continue”

    1. If you need help with your password, please reach out to mindSHIFT Student Help Desk (833-499-0397)

  4. In the OneLogin profile, click on the blue Clever icon

  5. In Clever, click on ‘Log In with OneLogin’, and the Clever portal will load.

  6. Click on the icon of the platform that you’d like to use, and that platform’s homepage will appear.

Can I access all platforms with Clever?

No. Scholars will not be able to use Clever to access Zoom, Google Classroom, and Desmos. They will be able to use Clever to sign in to Zearn and Actively Learn. They will be able to access Gizmos through their Clever page, but will still need to manually type in their username and password.

Where can I get help with Clever home?

  • If you are having any technical difficulties with your Chromebook (can’t login, site is blocked, audio issue, error message, or freezing screen), you should reach out to mindSHIFT Student Help Desk (833-499-0397).

  • If you are having a hard time navigating the platform, please reach out directly to your scholar’s teacher.