Welcome to the middle School EdTech Resource Hub!

Welcome Middle School families! This site will serve as a resource for the EdTech platforms that MS scholars will be using this year. In addition to the platforms listed below, scholars will continue to use Google Classroom and Zoom.

For more information on each of the platforms, please click on the links below, or select the platform from the dropdown under 'Middle' above.

EdTech FAQs

What platforms will my scholar use?

Middle School scholars will use the following platforms:

  • Math

    • Gr5-6: Zearn

    • Gr7-8: Desmos

  • ELA

    • Actively Learn

  • History

    • Actively Learn

  • Science

    • Gizmos

In addition, scholars will continue to use Google Classroom and use Illuminate to take assessments.

How will my scholar log-on?

For Zearn and Actively learn, scholars will log-in using the single sign-on program Clever. For Desmos and Gizmos, students will need to log-on using the guidance found in the guide below.

How will my scholar submit their deliverables?

Scholar deliverable submission will vary by content area. Your scholar's teacher will provide guidance on where and how scholars will submit their deliverables.

Where can I go if I need tech support?

  • If you are having any technical difficulties with your Chromebook (can’t login, site is blocked, audio issue, error message, or freezing screen), you should reach out to mindShift Student Help Desk (833-499-0397).

  • If you are having a hard time navigating the platform, please reach out directly to your scholar’s teacher. Some of the platforms also offer the option to reach out to their technical support team.