Epic Reading Program

Epic overview 20-21

Your scholar will have access to Epic! to complete Independent Reading this year! Epic is a free online reading platform program with thousands of books for your scholar to choose from during school hours, as well as outside of them! Scholars will have full access to Epic’s library, known as Epic School, from 6am – 3pm from any location. After 3pm, scholars will only have access to Epic free, which limits titles and reading time to 2 hours each week, Monday-Sunday.

To get started, you will receive an email from your scholar’s teacher with set-up instructions, and a class code to enter to link your scholar to their classroom (please ensure the Main Office has your most up-to-date email!). After you receive your email, follow the instructions and use the FAQs below for more information!

Epic FAQs

How do I join my scholar's Epic class?

You will receive an email invitation from Epic through your scholar's classroom teacher. Please closely follow instructions noted in the email to create an account using your email address (the same email address you received the invitation through) and a new password that will be easy for both you and your scholar to remember. If you have not received an email from Epic through your teacher, please reach out to your child’s teacher directly.

If you have previously created an account on Epic, please follow the link in the email invitation from your teacher to accept the free remote access and connect to your teacher’s class using the code provided.

Where can I get help with the website or App at home?

Epic has a great range of FAQs and resources, including videos, to help families with any issues. Still having trouble? Chat with Epic support by clicking "Submit a Request" on the Support page.

When will my child be able to access Epic?

Once you have created an account, you can just sign into Epic using your email and password, and your scholar can read anytime! From 6am-3pm, they have unlimited access to Epic's library, but after 3pm each day, you scholar can read for a total of 2 hours/week, which will be tracked by Epic.

Do I need a credit or debit card for remote access to Epic?

No payment card is required to sign up for the free remote access to Epic, just an email address. Please make sure you use the invitation sent by your scholar's teacher for Remote Student Access to use the full program during remote learning. Please note that if you would like your scholar to access Epic unlimited after 3pm, you can choose to pay $7.99 a month for extended access. This is completely optional, and will not be required to meet IR requirements.

I have a scholar in 1st and 3rd grade, and got e-mail invites from both teachers. What do I do next?

Both scholars will link under the same parent account and e-mail address. After you sign-up using the code for the first scholar, you should receive an e-mail for any other scholars that includes a blue "Connect to Our Classroom" button. If so, click "Connect to Our Classroom" and you should see a "Transfer Request Approved!" screen instead of being prompted to set-up a new account.

What devices can I use to access Epic at home?

Your scholar can use Epic on any web browser (on a laptop or desktop computer), or the Epic app on any iOS or Android devices.

Can my other children use Epic too?

Yes. You can create profiles for up to four children to use Epic simultaneously. If you have more than four children you would like to use Epic, we suggest creating another parent account with a different e-mail address.