Trinity's classrooms are equipped with Epson Interactive Projectors and Whiteboards which allow programs and texts to function. Each room also has a Hovercam document camera which allows teachers to project objects, texts, or other books onto the screen for the students to see full scale.

Our philosophy towards technology is that it is a tool to be utilized to enhance the academic curriculum. We do not "teach" technology for technology's sake. We make sure that the best medium is used for the task at hand. Our church and school work together to support our technology costs. The PTL is especially dedicated to continuing to improve and keep our technology up to date to support our staff and students.

We plan to utilize technology to its fullest intent, not only to be consumers of the information, but also to be producers of creative projects. One of our newest opportunities to put this in action is the Bloxel Builders program. Students in the 5th-8th Grade are piloting the program and becoming experts at building and creating digital video games with the system. Through their original creations, they are taking three dimensional physical blocks and creating an interactive world which then becomes digital and enters the virtual world! The students focus on creativity, collaboration, problem solving, and communication during the entire process. These are 21st skills deemed the most necessary for future success in our workforce.

Students in Kindergarten through 2nd Grade have iPads to use as the teacher and curriculum deem necessary. This is a 1:1 ratio, however, the teacher has full control over when and how the devices are used.

Students in 3rd and 8th Grade are using Chromebooks. We are now a Google Authorized school with our own domain and platform for students to utilize the Google Suite of Educational Apps. Again, the teacher has full control as to how and when the devices are used to complement the curriculum. Students are closely monitored during all times, especially when internet access is available.