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March 2018

Trinity Lutheran Church and School

P.O. Box 200, 8700 Huey Road, Hoffman, IL

Pastor Stephen Krenz

Church: 495-2545 Home: 495-2777 Cell: 363-0121

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Jason Steffenson: Seminary Field Worker


Beth Boester, Principal

School: 495-2246

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Christ Our Rock Lutheran High School

Don Duensing, Principal – 226-3315

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6:00pm Saturday

8:30am Sunday

10:45am on the Third Sunday of the Month

10:00am Sunday Bible Class and Sunday School


Mar. 5 School Board (6:00pm); Elders (6:15pm);

Trustees (7:00pm);

Mar. 6, 7:00pm Women’s Fellowship Meeting at School

Mar. 7, 6:00-6:45pm Lenten Meal (Men’s Club)

Mar. 7, 7:00pm Lenten Service

Mar. 11 11:00am Voters Meeting

Mar. 14, 6:00-6:45pm Lenten Meal (Women’s Fellowship)

Mar. 14, 7:00pm Lenten Service

Mar. 21, 6:00-6:45pm Lenten Meal (Youth Group)

Mar. 21, 7:00pm Lenten Service

Mar. 19, 6:30pm Men’s Club Meeting

Mar. 22 Newsletter Deadline


Mar. 2 ½ Day School – 11:30am Dismissal

Mar. 5 No School – Casimir Pulaski Day

Mar. 9 Quarter 3 Ends

Mar. 12, 6:00pm School Board Meeting

Mar. 15, 3:30-7:30pm Parent-Teacher Conferences

Mar. 23, 12:00pm TLS Adult Luncheon (cost $4.00)

Mar. 28 2:00pm Early Dismissal

Mar. 29-30 Easter Break

Mar. 30 Good Friday


Marchc 4: Exodus 20:1-17; 1 Corinthians 1:18-31; John 2:13-22

March 11: Numbers 21:4-9; Ephesians 2:1-10; John 3:14-21

March 18: Jeremiah 31:31-34; Hebrews 5:1-10; Mark 10:35-45

March 25: Zechariah 9:9-12; Philippians 2:5-11; Mark 14:1-15:47


Pastor's Message

"All About Giving"

At our January planning meeting Pastor Wayne Knolhoff (son of the congregation), a former head of the LCMS stewardship department spoke about stewardship under the theme "Living with God's Purpose". He defined a Christian steward as one entrusted with relationships and resources to manage for God's purpose. In the course of his conversation he made the point that we may ought to "teach people" more about being stewards of money and less about giving. It is for this reason we have started "Financial Peace Unversity" classes. Our present class has about a half dozen participants, but hopefully more classes will be offered in the future. Isaiah 1:11 says “The multitude of your sacrifices—what are they to me? says the Lord. I have more than enough burnt offerings….” This reading like others sprinkled throughout scripture, reminds us that the Lord is concerned with the motivations behind our actions rather than merely the actions themselves. God does not need our money, but as part of our walk with Christ it is incumbent upon us to give. By giving back to him what he has given us, we are exercising our God given faith muscles. A faith which trusts that our gracious Savior will meet all our needs, even as we give away a portion of what he has given us. This exercise in faith continues to hold true whether we are struggling or thriving financially. In other words, our giving patterns are to be motivated by God’s Word, his grace in Christ, and not the needs of the congregation that change from year to year. Below are four principals that may help you, as you consider what it means to be a "steward" of all that God gives.

First fruits Giving- “Honor the Lord with your wealth, with the first fruits of all your crops….” Proverbs 3:9. When I consider giving back to God what he has already given me do I give him the best or merely what is left over?

Regular Giving - “On the first day of every week, each one of you should set aside a sum of money in keeping with his income…” 1 Cor. 16:2. Whether it is weekly, monthly, or even yearly, regular giving reflects a faith that is not hit and miss but is part of our everyday life.

As He Blesses -“For I testify that they (the Macedonian Christians) gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability.” 2 Cor. 8:3) The ten percent law of the old covenant though no longer required, but can serve as a guide to the Christian. Why be limited by 10%?

Joyful Giving-“Each one should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” 1 Corinthians 9:7

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Krenz

LENTEN SCHEDULE: This year area LCMS pastors are rotating to seven different congregations bringing the "Return to Exile" message to the people of God. Please join us at 7pm for these Lenten services. In addition all are invited to join us for a light meal in the school gym that will precede each service at 6pm.

Mar. 7 “Garden to Garden: Eden to Heaven”

Pastor Miller (Trinity, Nashville) Meal: Men’s Club

Mar. 14 “Tree to Tree: The Tree of Life to the Cross”

Pastor Kotila (Trinity, Nashville) Meal: Women’s Fellowship

Mar. 21 “Out of Egypt: Through the Water”

Pastor Landskroener (Messiah, Carlyle) Meal: Youth


March 29 7:00pm Maundy Thursday Worship Service-Hoffman

March 30 7:00pm Good Friday Worship Service-Ferrin

April 1 8:00am Easter Worship Service - Hoffman

10:00am Easter Worship Service – Ferrin

EASTER SERVICE CHANGE: The Elders have decided that this year we are having one 8am Easter Service. This is due to Pastor Krenz's vacancy responsibilities at Bethlehem, Ferrin. In addition they felt it would be nice to have one large service on Easter morning. Also, note that the Good Friday Service will be a joint service with Bethlehem at Ferrin.

From the Principal:

As February draws to a close and March begins, there are many different things to consider. We are excited to be calling a Synodically trained teacher to fill our 3rd/4th Grade position. Please keep Miss Megan McMullen in your prayers as she considers her call to Trinity and her current call to Anchor Lutheran School in Alaska. Once we hear from Megan, we will proceed with filling our Kindergarten position.

Teachers and students have been extra busy in the classrooms with academic work and projects. We will soon be completing the third quarter of the school year. This focuses our attention on the end of the year activities coming up. Everything takes a lot of planning! We begin March with Lutheran Schools Week. This year's theme is Christ Alone. Each day of this week brings unique activities along with a chapel and message related to the theme. We build this theme throughout the entire year, focusing on one aspect each month. We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful school for our students.

With spring just around the corner, we are hoping to get outside more and enjoy some more pleasant weather. Our 7th and 8th grade students have started planting (indoors) in preparation for our spring plant sale. We already have some sprouts popping up!

Blessings on your month,

Beth Boester

Meeting Minutes

Trinity Lutheran Church, Hoffman IL

Church Council Meeting Minutes February 18, 2018

The meeting was called to order by Josh Maschhoff. Prayer and devotions was led by Pastor. Sang hymn 719 verses 1 and 2. Ten members were present.

Minutes from the January 13, 2018 meeting were read and reviewed. A motion was made by Bob Zimmermann and seconded by Dennis Nottmeyer to accept the minutes. Motion passed.


Reviewed January financial report. A check for $11,146.00 was sent to the bank to pay on the $25,000.00 note.


Baptism: 1-27-18 Zuri Storm Reeder (Children's Hospital)

Transfer Out: 2-12-18 Ray Richert to Our Savior Carmi IL

Pastor has been newly elected as Circuit Visitor for Circuit 7. Congregation in Circuit are:

Mt Vernon, Ferrin, Carlyle, Hoffman, Iuka, Centralia, Carmi, and Mt. Carmel.


Tentative schedule for Easter services: 8:00 Hoffman no sunrise service and 10:00 Ferrin.

Farewell dinner for Jim Tyberendt and Ruth Boehne will be held on 5-20-18. A committee to organize this is being formed.


The Kaulings have resigned as mowers for church, cemetery and school.

The old smart boards are down in the classrooms and will be sent to Unity Lutheran School.


We need a track coach and concession stand leader. We are hosting the 5-4-18 track meet.

Increasing school tuition by 2% and may increase pre-school fees.

Sending out letters to pre-school families for kindergarten registration.

Wanting to place a call to Megan McMullen for the 3rd and 4th grade teacher after the 2-18-18 call meeting.

Anna Krenz is the recipient of the Willis Scholarship.


No report


No report


On 3-1-18 the Christmas flowers will be removed from the graves.

Graveside services were held 2-1-18 for the twin children of Lisa Schmitt (Redeker). Pastor Schuessler conducted the service.


Delivered cookies to shut ins.

Baby/kid sat at the auction.

Making pizzas on 4-21-18.


No report


• Stewardship Committee consisting of Pastor, Dennis Nottmeyer, Rita Carpenter, Glenn Knolhoff and Josh Maschhoff will meet on 2-20-18 at 6:30 at church.


• Two Elders and one Trustee attended a Crisis Management Seminar at St. Augustine's Church in Breese.

A motion was made by Erna Boehne and seconded by Dennis Nottmeyer to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed. Sang hymn 719 verses 3 and 4.

Respectfully submitted unapproved, Jodene Carpenter, Secretary

Trinity Lutheran Church, Hoffman IL

Voter's (Call) Meeting Minutes February 19, 2018

The meeting was called to order by Josh Maschhoff with 27 members present. Josh thanked both retiring teachers for their service. After discussion and questions and answers a motion was made by Bob Zimmermann and seconded by Robert Carpenter to vote by show of hands. Motion was dropped.

A suggestion was made to vote by paper ballot. The results were yes to call Megan McMullen as the 3rd and 4th grade teacher. A motion was made by Bob Zimmermann and seconded by Curt Boehne to send the call as a unanimous decision. Motion passed.

A motion was made by Rita Carpenter and seconded by Carla Knolhoff to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed. Pastor closed with prayer.

Respectfully submitted unapproved, Jodene Carpenter, Secretary.

MARCH Sunday School and adult bible class topics:

March 4: God Creates the World

March 11: God Creates Adam and Eve

March 18: Sin Enters the World

March 25: Palm Sunday: Family Sunday School

TUESDAY BIBLE STUDY: We meet at Carlyle Health Care on the first level. The present topic is the Book of Exodus.

THE ADULT BIBLE CLASS will continue to look at the book of Acts through the month of March.

For Your Information

CHRIST THE VINE LUTHERAN MISSION begins every Sunday Services: Since Sunday, January 21st Christ the Vine Lutheran Mission in Aviston has been meeting at Nordike Funeral home (301 South Clinton St) in Aviston for every Sunday 9:30am worship services followed by Sunday School and Adult Bible Class. Over the first five weeks the weekly service attendance has averaged 20-23 individuals . Rev. Brad Thomas, a chaplain at Meridian Village in Glenn Carbon is serving as the presiding minister at these services. Please keep this budding mission in your prayers, and if you know of someone in the Trenton, Aviston or Breese area who does not have a church home please contact Pastor Brad Thomas at 618-696-0759. Also, if any groups in your congregation would like to donate toward this mission please contact Pastor Thomas...and he can give you specific needs.

25,000 NOTE: Recently a check of $11, 146 was sent to pay down the $25,000 dollar note. Another Debt reduction weekend is scheduled for March 10th and 11th. This means a free will offering will be taken after each service.

EASTER FLOWER ORDERS: The Altar Guild is taking orders for Easter Lilies and Hydrangeas for the Easter season. Order forms are located on the table in back of church. Please turn in your order and payment to the church office. Orders are due by Sunday, March 18.

ENDOWMENT FUND: The Endowment Committee (as one of its requirements) will be distributing $2,000-$3,000 from the Endowment Fund for use at the church and school. Submitted ideas will be presented at the March congregational voters’ meeting. If you have any ideas on how these funds can be spent, please see one of the committee members: Bill Lueking, Glenn Knolhoff, Erna Boehne, Donna Hemminghaus and Judy Kleine.

2017 CONTRIBUTION STATEMENTS are ready and are located in the Narthex. Please pick up your statement.

MEN’S CLUB MEETING in March is Monday, March 19, at 7:00pm.

PORK CHOP DINNER: At our February Men's Club meeting it was decided to change the date of our Pork Chop Dinner from March 18 to Sunday, April 22. We believe we would lose some participants who are attending the CORLHS auction/dinner on Saturday night March 17 and also with scheduling problems for some of our workers to attend Church.

WOMEN’S FELLOWSHIP: The next Women’s Fellowship meeting is set for Tuesday, March 6th, at 7pm at the school. All women are invited to attend for devotions, fellowship, and snacks.

CHURCH NEWSLETTER DEADLINE: The church newsletter deadline for the April newsletter is Thursday morning, March 22nd.

TRINITY SCHOOL ADULT LUNCHEON: The next TLS Adult Luncheon will be held on Friday, March 23, at 12:00. The meal cost is $4.00 per person that you can pay that day. Come eat lunch and visit with others. Please R.S.V.P. to the school office. Thank you.

2018 CORLHS Sterling Evening Dinner & Auction: Sterling Evening Dinner & Auction Saturday, March 17 Christ Our Rock Lutheran High School 4:30 p.m. - Doors open & silent auction 5:45 p.m. - Delicious catered meal & fabulous desserts 7:30 p.m. - Live auction begins. Preview Night - Friday, March 16 6:00-8:00pm


1. We need items or services to auction off. These may be brought into the office anytime M- F 8am-4pm starting Feb 1st.

2. If you don't have an item to donate you can consider being a sponsor.

3. Volunteer your time serving on a committee for auction planning, item acquisition, ticket and book design, and event staffing.

4. Plan to attend and bid often and bid high. Visit for more information about this event and a growing list of auction items.

Tickets will $35 each and can be reserved by calling the school office at 226-3315 or visiting by March 7.

ST. JOHN’S CHICKEN SUPPER: The Men’s Club of St. John’s, New Minden, will host a chicken supper on Sunday, March 4, from 4:00-7:00pm in the “Schoolhouse.” Adults $10.00; Children 5-12 $5.00; Children under 5 Free; Carry outs available. A portion of the proceeds may be supplemented by Thrivent Financial for Lutherans.

ANNUAL BREESE LIONS CHICKEN DINNER: Sunday, March 4, 11:00am-6:00pm at the Breese American Legion: Prices at Door: Adults $10.00; Kids (6-12) $8.00; Under 6 years old Free. Advance Tickets (available from any Breese Lions Club Member): Adults $9.50. Carry outs available. Homemade pies and cakes. Proceeds to benefit Sight and Hearing Impaired.

March Wedding Anniversaries

6th: Matt and Leah Edler; 9th: Nathan and Bridget Gilbreth(5TH);

20th: Steven and Karen Grawe; 23rd: Christopher and Amanda Orr(5th); 27th: Gary and Julie Waddell;

March Baptism Birthdays

1st: Tim Bierbaum; 2nd: Ray Bassen, Brianne Paulsmeyer, Brooke Paulsmeyer, Ryan Paulsmeyer; 6th: Jani Goodin; 9th: Rachel Carpenter, Sadie Monken; 10th: Marilyn Michael, Christopher Tyberendt, Heather Behrens; 11th: Doug Marlow, David Redeker; 12th: Kelsey Barnes, Tony Finley, Garnell Hugo, Waylon Livesay; 13th: Jordan Smith; 16th: Angelique Atchison, Zackary Barnes; 17th: Wyatt Finley, Olivia Jansen; 18th: Kali Michael; 19th: Bernice Wessel, Lauren Wolter; 20th: Peggy Anderson, Blake Herzing; 23rd: Joel Krenz, Allie Wedekemper, Lillian Wedekemper; 24th: Marlene Fruend, Ruth Richison; 25th: Cindy Brammeier, Brandee Jones, Tara Kellermann, Miranda Monken; 26th: Caroline Tate; 27th: Jonathan Carmickle, Lydia Carmickle; 28th: John McCoy, Kathleen Meier, Earl Stein; 29th: Eric Dickinson, Lindsey Tucker; 30th: Bryan Meyer; 31st: David Bassen (9)

My farewell to The Trinity Church in Hoffman and the school that I taught at for many happy years.

Dear Friends of Trinity Hoffman, Il.

In June of 1973 my family and I entered Hoffman, Il. And especially Trinity Lutheran Church and school to begin and continue my life work as your called teacher and principal of your four room Christian day school and also, Music director/organist of Trinity congregation. I joined the other members of the faculty. Ray Bode ( grade fifth and sixth ) and two other new teachers, Eunice Hausler ( grade one and two ) Ruth Boehne ( grade three and four ). The Pastor Rev. H. Scharlemann. Oh yes, other workers were: Mr.and Mrs John Meyer, janitors, Delores Woker, secretary, church and school and cooks, Irene Brammeier and Lucille Knolhoff.

It was indeed a privilege for me to be chosen to be there serving the Lord among you faithfully for twenty years, and living in the house we built for another twenty-five years. While there, we made many new friends whom we will always remember and cherish. ( The occasions, events, and celebrations we enjoyed with you. )

We especially thank you and appreciate the twenty- fifth anniversary of my teaching ministry and our twenty-fifth wedding anniversaries.

I was forty-two years old when I arrived at Trinity and had taught twenty-one years, (one year in N.D. before graduation).

Praise and thanks be to the Lord for all the blessings he has showered upon me during my eighty- six years and especially for leading me to such a profession as “ Teaching Ministry “ All glory belongs to God.

What a wonderful and exciting life it has been!

I pray that teenagers here may be encouraged to have the same experience. Please read “Teachers Of The Word” by Ray and Fay Richert. It is our life story, starting at birth and our journey into teaching.

Farewell and God bless and keep you in His tender loving care always.

Most of you reading this will know about a loneliness that comes when we lose our loved ones through death I am happy to report that I have found love again. Her name is Ruby, a retired RN. We met and dated several months, then realized that we wanted to share our life together. We were married on July the sixteenth at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Carmi, Il, where we now live at 605 Rice St., Carmi, Il. 62821.

A note from Ruby

“Our home in Carmi is open and inviting, so please visit us anytime you’re close. You are always welcome”.


Ray and Ruby.