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Trinity Lutheran School

Athletics Program Handbook

Table of Contents

1. Rationale

2. Student and Parent Sports Pledge

3. Objectives of Program

4. Sports Offered

5. Expectations of Program

6. Eligibility

7. Expectations of Student Athletes

8. Expectations of Parents & Families

9. Expectations of Coaches and Athletic Director

10. Chain of Command (Order of authority)

11. Parental Communication

12. Misc. Items

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1. Rationale

Interscholastic athletics at Trinity are an important part of educating the total child. Our program exposes students to team activities and provides opportunities for them to learn and gain from the experience of competition that are found on the field and court. It is here and under these conditions that an athlete can put into practice the Christian values and ethics taught in our classrooms and in their church.

I Corinthians 10:31 tells us, "So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."

Trinity, in partnership with the parents, seeks to minister to the student athlete by teaching Christian sportsmanship and instilling the attitude that one can both win and lose with dignity, and without boasting or excuse. Young athletes on the playing field use their God given talents to bring Him glory and honor. By practicing good sportsmanship, an attitude of wanting to do their very best, cooperation and teamwork with fellow team members, self-discipline and dedication, the Trinity athlete makes the statement to everyone watching that they are ultimately on God’s team and they play to win praise for God.

The athlete will develop the fundamental skills at the Pee Wee level through active participation. It is our goal to give all members at the Pee Wee level a chance for meaningful participation in all games and practices.

Those who desire to continue to use their skills at a more competitive level will have the opportunity to do so on our Junior Varsity and the Varsity Teams.

The teams and schools our children compete against have the same general attitude toward interscholastic athletics, we look forward to enjoyable, competitive contests. We expect our players, coaches, and spectators to conduct themselves in a Christian manner at these contests.

Trinity Lutheran School is a member of the Little Eight Conference and a member of the Southern Illinois Junior High School Athletic Association (IJHSAA). Trinity also participates in the Lutheran Sports Association (LSA) tournaments when teams applying are accepted.

2. Student/Parent Christian Sports Pledge

It is the goal of the coaches, teachers, and the administration to assist all students in their spiritual, physical, and mental growth. They desire that each student grow to be more like Christ and “increase in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” -- Luke 2:52 With this goal set before you, we ask you to carefully read and sign the following pledge in order that we may put God first.

We the undersigned are dedicated to Trinity Lutheran School’s athletic program as representatives of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We realize we will be expected to behave in a Christian fashion throughout the season.

We understand that family and friends that come to the games will be expected to behave in a manner appropriate for a program dedicated to living the faith we profess and attend worship on a regular basis.

We realize inappropriate behavior on the part of any athlete could result in a suspension or removal from the roster.

We will abide by the decisions made by the school concerning the athletic program of Trinity Lutheran School.

Signed: ______________________________________ Date:___________

Student Signature

Signed:_______________________________________ Date:___________

Parent Signature

3. Objectives of Program

Trinity Athletes will:

-Recognize their talents as a blessing from God and will develop and use them in God pleasing ways

-Be given the opportunity to play as a child, not as an adult

-Learn the skills and strategies associated with each sport they participate in

-Unselfishly recognize and respect the talents and abilities of others on their team and in the competing teams

-Display the values of Christian sportsmanship

-Develop the understanding and attitude that trophies do not make the team a winner, instead everyone is a winner when they have done their best on the playing field or court

-Accept the responsibility for the hard work and commitment necessary for being part of a team

-Have fun through physical activity

4. Sports Offered

(*These sports are generally available to students in 5-8 grades. Exceptions can be made to include third or fourth grade if agreed upon by the coach, teacher, and principal)

Cross Country Grades 4 - 8

JV Volleyball * Grades 5 – 7

Varsity Volleyball* Grades 5 – 8

Baseball Grades 6 – 8

Softball * Grades 5 – 8

Pee Wee Basketball Grades 3 – 5

JV Basketball * Grades 5 – 7

Varsity Basketball Grades 5 – 8

Track Grades 4 – 8

5. Expectations of Programs

Pee Wee – This is the entry level, the learning stage, for this sport. The main purpose for this level is to learn the fundamentals and skills of the game. Provided that they meet eligibility requirements, all students at this level play in every game. However, they will not necessarily get equal playing time. Although winning the game is a goal, participation and experience are the main goals.

JV Team – This may be the entry level for some of our sports. As such the learning of fundamentals and skills of the game are important at this level. Provided that they meet eligibility requirements each child will have an opportunity to gain playing time based on attendance and hard work at practice. Winning, participation, and experience are to be considered by each coach at this level – in order to create a meaningful opportunity for each player.

Varsity – These teams apply all of their experience and ability to winning the game. Teaching of skills will continue to be stressed. Although everyone will have an opportunity to play it is possible that not every athlete will have the chance to play in every game. The game is played with the intention of bringing home an honorable victory. Players wishing to compete at the Varsity Team level are encouraged to develop their skills more fully through summer leagues, camps, etc.

6. Eligibility

Although Trinity Lutheran is primarily an academic institution, the school seeks to provide any interested student the opportunity of joining one or more of our athletic teams. Students may participate in our athletic programs (games and practices) if:

· Physical examinations must be completed and on record in the school office for students to participate in on any Trinity athletic team (includes practices).

· A current Student/Parent Christian Sports Pledge on file in the office.

· A cumulative “C-” average in all subjects is maintained

· No failing grade in any one subject

· Proper conduct and behavior is displayed in school at all times

Students participating in an extra curricular activity and are not meeting the academic requirements in one subject or have a C- average will be given a weekly report.

A student who has been tested, has a learning disability, and/or has an IEP (Individual Education Plan) will be graded on his/her own standard. The student will be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities if he/she has a C- average.

Where completion of assignments, quality effort, and conduct become a problem the teacher will notify the student, parent and principal. In these cases the following guidelines will apply:

Temporary Suspension

The grades of each athlete are checked at the mid-terms and the end of the quarters. If the grades for any student fall below a “C” average for all subject areas of failing in any one subject, the parents and student are notified, and the students will be placed on a one-week suspension. If at the end of that week the student’s grades meet the above criteria, the student is again eligible. If at the end of that week the grades are still below the criteria, the student is ineligible until the end of the next grading period (mid-term or quarter). The student on suspension may not participate in practices or games.

Any student who has not consistently turned in homework assignments may be receiving a temporary suspension. The Principal will determine these suspensions with the aid of the teacher. Any student who is disrespectful to a teacher or staff member may be suspended for up to one game for each occurrence.

Any student who has failed to obey team rules established by the coach may also be suspended for up to one game. The Athletic Director and/or the Principal will determine these suspensions with the aid of the coach.

A student who displays unsportsmanlike conduct (such as receiving a technical foul in basketball, or being given a warning by an official in other athletic events) shall be ineligible for the next event (game/meet match). The student (not parents or coach) may appeal to the principal if there are extenuating circumstances.

Removal from the roster

Repeated violations or serious inappropriate conduct may result in a student’s removal from a team roster. The Athletic Director and/or the Principal will determine the removal.


Any student sent home due to illness on the day of a game or practice may not participate in that game or practice. Per the school attendance policy, they are to be fever free for 24 hours prior to returning to school or school events. Students who miss school on Friday will not be allowed to play in games on Saturday.

The principal may grant an absent student permission to play based on extenuating circumstances (funeral, family emergency, etc…)

Excused absences such as dance lessons, private music lessons, activities such as Boy Scouts, or conflicting school activities may result in missing a practice. In these situations playing time may be reduced at the discretion of the coach.

Every athlete participating in a Trinity Lutheran School sport may participate in the same sport outside of school if it occurs during the same season, providing Trinity Hoffman remains 1st priority.

Participation Policy

Players must be students enrolled in Trinity Lutheran School, Hoffman so that we may retain eligibility for state competition (Lutheran and Illinois).

7. Expectations of Student Athletes

· Team players are representing their Lord and school. They will do this in a Christ-like manner.

· Players will show respect for property when visiting other schools.

· Players will try their best, but not make winning their most important goal, but rather that they display Christian action.

· Players will win with humility, and lose with grace.

· Players are not to question the decisions of referees, but accept that the referees are doing their best and abide by their decisions graciously.

· Players will play within the rules and keep a fair sense of play.

· Players may never use crude, vulgar, or un-Christian Language.

· Players are to be polite to opposing coaches and teams.

· Players will never belittle or make fun of the other players.

· Players will respect their coaches as their parents’ representative.

· Failure to follow any of the above could result in a suspension from the team.

8. Expectations of Parents & Families

· Spectators at games should at all times behave in a Christian manner.

· Cheering should always be positive.

· Fans who are parents should give a Christian witness to their children on the team.

· Fans at all times should show respect for the referees.

· Spectators should encourage one another to behave in a Christian manner.

· Fans should respect others property when visiting other schools.

· Spectators should be kind and polite to opposing teams, coaches, and fans.

· Parents of players should instruct their children that their Christian witness and fair play are more important than winning.

· Fans should be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

· Rude, vulgar, and un-Christian language by spectators will not be tolerated.

· Parents should maintain close supervision of younger siblings. Any child seen running in the hallways of another school or behaving in an inappropriate manner will be told to go sit with their parents.

9. Expectations of Coaches and Athletic Director

Coaches and the Athletic Director represent our Lord, the school, parents, and teachers when with players.

Therefore coaches will:

· Represent their Lord in appearance, attitude, and action.

· Emphasize as their main goal the development of Christian attitudes toward athletics through team devotions on a regular basis.

· Coaches should discipline athletes who are not demonstrating Christian behavior by removing them from the competition.

· Consent to go through a background check conducted by the principal

· Work with the Athletic Director to set up schedules.

· Submit requested practice times to the Principal weekly. This will allow time to schedule the use of the gym for all teams so that any conflicts may be avoided.

· Attend a pre-season meeting with the Athletic Director and the principal for the purpose of reviewing expectations, schedules and procedures.

· Be responsible for submitting game information for press release to the school office.

· Question referees decisions only in a God pleasing manner.

· Demonstrate by their speech and action a proper game behavior to their players and fans.

· Never use rude and vulgar language.

· Will instruct players about the proper respect of property when visiting other schools.

· Coaches will be responsible for the orderliness of the locker room and check it prior to allowing players to leave.

· Submit request for needed supplies to the Athletic Director or principal.

The Athletic Director will:

· Set up schedules and have them approved by the School Board prior to distribution to coaches, players, and families.

· Follow the guidelines of the SIJHSAA for the recommended maximum number of games and tournaments for each season.

· Any deviation from the original approved schedule will need to be reviewed and approved by the School Board. With the exception of last minute changes due to weather or other unexpected conflicts - AD will reschedule.

· In a situations where an extraordinary season record has been achieved that provides an opportunity for advancement and additional games past the recommended number, the Athletic Director and coach need to contact the principal, receive approval from the school board, and then proceed to contact families and players about the opportunity.

· The Athletic Director will arrange for the use of facilities for practices. The coach may contact the principal directly to schedule the gym.

· Coaches Shall be selected by the AD, and principal by the beginning of the school year, and approved by the School Bd. It is recommended that coaches be selected with the following priorities:

o Knowledgeable and Skilled in the sport they are coaching, a member of school staff, a volunteer parent of a student in the school, a parent of someone that used to be in school here, other volunteers that have a heart for the development of student athletes and support the school.

· Volunteer coaches need to be aware of school procedures and if anything is unclear as to rules/limits/ boundaries/ expectations, etc. they should check with the AD prior to moving ahead.

· Attend a pre-season meeting with the Coaches and the principal prior to the beginning of practices for the purpose of reviewing expectations, schedules and procedures.

· Assist in budgeting for supplies and uniforms.

· Make sure that adequate volleyballs, baseballs, softballs, bats, basketballs, track equipment is available.

10. Chain of Command (Order of authority)

Since we are all working together for the benefit of our children let us make good use of the encouragement we get from God in Matthew 18. If your brother sins against you, go and show him his fault, just between the two of you. If he listens to you, you have won your brother over.

We understand that not every concern that parents or coaches have will deal with sin. However, we believe that Matthew 18 shows a clear chain of command to be followed. So that steps can be taken in an systematic way, this chain of command (order of authority) has been developed and may be helpful in situations that may arise.

Order for parents to seek answers to questions:

1. Coach (Individual Sport Coach)

2. Athletic Director

3. Principal

4. Board of Education

11. Parental Communication

Coaches Communication to Parents

The following are ideas that may help you, as parents know what to expect from our coaches. Coaches should:

1. Share expectations of athletes at a pre-season meeting.

2. Location and time of all practices and games.

3. Team requirements, i.e. practices, special equipment, out-of-season conditioning, etc.

4. Injury – if an injury takes place that the coach is aware of they should bring it to the attention of the parents. If an obvious injury has taken place the coach shall take the athlete out of the game for the safety and health of the student.

5. Discipline – if an athlete is being disciplined, by the coach, for any serious offense the coach should make sure the parents are aware the offense and disciplinary measures to take place.

Parents Communication to Coaches

1. Concerns regarding coaching practices and expectations should be expressed to the coach during a scheduled appointment which can include the Athletic Director and Principal as necessary.

2. Immediate notification of any scheduling conflicts

Appropriate topics for parents to discuss with coaches:

1. Treatment of child mentally and physically

2. Ways for child to improve

3. Concerns about child’s behavior

Inappropriate topics for parents to discuss with coaches:

1. Playing time

2. Team strategy

3. Play calling

4. Other student athletes

12. Miscellaneous Items


Uniforms are the property of Trinity Lutheran. Proper care of uniforms is expected. Uniforms should be changed into and out of at the sight of the game (unless student athletes have special permission from the coach or Athletic Director). Washed and cleaned uniforms shall be returned to the school office one week after the conclusion of the season. Uniforms that are lost or damaged will be the responsibility of the athlete and his/her parents. Parents will be expected to pay the replacement cost of the uniform. If a uniform is damaged during a practice or a game the coach will determine the responsibility.


Transportation to and from games is the responsibility of the parents. If a parent is unable to attend a game, please make arrangements for your child. Coaches will assist in helping arrange carpooling when necessary.

Church Attendance

As all students attending Trinity Lutheran school, our student athletes are strongly encouraged to attend a weekend worship service. Lets us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another… Hebrews 10:25

Game Day Attire

As representatives of Trinity Lutheran School, athletes are expected to present themselves in a positive manner. This not only includes actions, but also attire. On days of games, Varsity athletes may be expected to follow these guidelines at the coaches’ discretion:

Boys – Dress pants, shirt, and tie – or team polo

Girls – Dress pants and blouse, or dress – or team polo

(Blue jeans are not considered dress pants)

Athletes should follow these guidelines not only at school, but also at the site of the game until it is time to change into the uniform. In weeks where there is more than one game the Coach may give the students permission to wear their game jersey on the day of the second game.


All students desiring to play on a JV team will be given the opportunity to participate provided the number of players matches the number of uniforms on hand. Every reasonable effort will be made to accept all students on the varsity level. However, if the eligible number of team members is deemed unmanageable, cuts may have to be made. This decision will be made after consultation with the Coach, Athletic Director and Principal.

Practice and Game Guidelines

· Practice is an important part of being a member of a team. Coaches have the right to determine playing time based on practice time and effort put in by the student athlete.

· The coach will hand out a printed schedule of all games and practices as soon as possible to the players and the school office.

· Practices and/or games shall be limited to four times(days) a week. An optional practice ("Open gym") may be held on Sunday but may not count as one of the four for the week and attendance cannot be mandatory.

· Wednesday practices and/or games shall be avoided for the purpose of evening services and other midweek activities at all of the churches associated with our school.

· No season games/meets/matches/tournaments/practices shall take place on a day when school has been cancelled. The AD will reschedule a game on such a day.

· Athletic teams are a part of the school program not apart from it. The school board reserves the right to review schedules and procedures to ensure that all is done in good order and for the good of the school, its students and its families.

*Realizing that there may be unusual circumstances that arise from year to year the above guidelines may be modified with the recommendation of the AD and Principal and approval of the School board.

· Overlapping seasons

· The sport that has games scheduled during that week will have priority for practices during the week. The non scheduled sport will be limited to weekend practices.

· A student shall not be expected to practice more than 2 hours per day during overlapping seasons.

Spirit Wear

· School spirit wear shall be approved and sold through the school and made available to the entire church/school community.

· Purchase of shoes for a sport shall not be compulsory. Every effort shall be made to find good shoes for a reasonable price. The selection shall be approved by the school prior to offering them to the players.

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