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MAPPS for Primary

Meta-cognition And Psychology Programme for Schools

At Seal we think it is important for children to understand how they learn and know how their brains work. In order for children to do this we use the MAPPS programme, developed through research by The Emma Red Company.

Our children are taught through 10 key modules each school year:

The Brain and Neuroscience

The Brain

The Body


Living and Leaning


Self Talk



Zone of Proximal Development

MAPPS is designed to make children feel great and learn about themselves.  It will help them get the best out of themselves and to find out how to make their amazing brains and bodies work together.  When children learn about how their brain works, in a fun creative way, it helps them make it work better, for life, and for learning.  When children understand their brains, they can learn how to develop techniques and strategies to boost their abilities and brainpower. 

"Understanding your brain will help you to make it better work for you, for your life and your learning." MAPPS 2016.