Philosophy for Children (P4Seal)

Here at Seal, we encourage our children to be active, reactive, constructive, combative and creative. Philosophy is a way of dealing with the world, giving our children a thirst to understand how they go about thinking rationally in a complicated world. It gives our children a voice!

One activity that the children take part in is called - Good news/ Bad news. The children are given a topic to discuss. The children need to explain what they would do if they received the good news or bad news. The children are encouraged to explain their choice!

Good news suggestions:

  • The Queen is coming to tea.

  • I have won the lottery.

  • My dad is buying me a present.

  • I have found a magic wand.

Bad news suggestions:

  • My friend has left the country.

  • My teeth have fallen out.

  • I am allergic to chocolate.

  • I have shrunk to the size of a pepper pot.

  • We also love discussing questions such as:

  • Would you have more friends if you were rich or poor?

  • Can you deserve to be someone who deserves to be rich?

P4Seal is a fun session packed with Thinking Games/ Juicy Questions, a Big Think and then Room to Grow. Both staff and children alike love it!