SEND and Inclusion

SEND Vision and Ethos 

The school adopts the following key principle:

Every teacher is a teacher of SEND and every leader is a leader of SEND and so SEND needs to be woven in and not bolted on to the fabric of the school.”

Our vision for children with SEND is underpinned by our Pebsham ‘PRIDE’ values. It is our aspiration that all children, including those with SEND, develop resilience and  ‘Perseverewhen they are faced with a challenge - using a toolbox of strategies to help them succeed, they show ‘Respect to everyone and everything around them, learn the skills needed to enable them to become ‘Independent learners, have an awareness and understanding of the ‘Diverse world in which they live and strive for ‘Excellence in everything that they do. 

Find out how we support our children by clicking the link below to our SEND information report. 

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Amaze is an independent charity whose work with parent carers and young people is funded from a variety of sources: local authorities, central government, health services, trusts and foundations, businesses, public donations and from fundraising events.

They provide a range of information, advice and support services to parent carers and also direct to children and young people with SEND.


CLASS+ works across East Sussex to support families/carers of young people with ASD. Our aim is to provide guidance and training that enables families/carers to build their understanding of the strengths and challenges faced by children and young people with Autism and so to develop greater confidence in how to support them.