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GCSE Options Portal

At Strood Academy our curriculum is designed to help our students achieve their undoubted potential by achieving success in a wide range of high quality qualifications which will open up a whole world of possibilities for them. Looking ahead to year 10 is very exciting because you are able to make choices to support you in the journey to your future learning and future career. We aim to make sure that the skills, knowledge and qualifications gained in the next stage of your education at Strood Academy fully prepare you for the route you wish to take in the future. We want to support you in this process as much as possible. The purpose of this portal is to help you and your parents or carers understand the range of courses at Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11). In Years 10 and 11, you will study a combination of subjects. Some are compulsory but you also have some choice.

How to Make Choices - The Do's

  • Do consider your career aims

  • Do take subjects that you enjoy

  • Do take subjects that you are good at

  • Do ask your teachers for advice

  • Do discuss with your family

  • Do aim for broad and balanced curriculum – a variety of subjects and fields of study

How to Make Choices - The Don'ts

  • Don’t choose a subject just because your friend is taking it

  • Don’t choose a subject just because you like a teacher

  • Don’t choose too many similar subjects

  • Don’t choose a subject because you think it is an easy options – there aren’t any!

  • Don’t make any rushed decisions – it is important that you get this right!

If Undecided:

Decide to study a range of subjects which will help you identify what you are good at

The world of work is changing all the time so it is important to gain skills for the jobs that could be in demand in the future

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