Rest in Peace

Recently Deceased Members of our Parish or Parish Family

Nancy Lafata - Sister of Sr. Kathy Morrissey, Obituary

Helen Karst - Obituary

Annette Moore - Sister of Parishioner Kurt Smith, Obituary

Mary Boodt - Parishioner, Obituary

Linda Malham - Sister of Parishioner Chris Steadham, Obituary

Susan Closser - Mother of Parishioner Andrew Closser, Obituary

Janice Burger - Parishioner, Obituary

Jim Thorp - Parishioner, Obituary

Martina Dawnorowicz

Fr. Joe Mader - Brother of Parishioner Kathy Dryer, Obituary

Joseph Bongen - Obituary

Joan Porten - Obituary

Richard Oeffinger - Obituary

Charla McMehan

Olufemia Nathaniel Tchangodina - Parishioner, Obituary

Jeff Leroy - Obituary

Ada Lucas - Parishioner, Obituary

Martha Schwenk - Mother of Parishioner Rudy Schwenk, Obituary

John Reddy - Father of Parishioner Martha Lehman, Obituary

Jim McNeely - Father of Parishioner Jane Eisele, Obituary

Judy Wildman - Parishioner, Obituary

John Jones - Parishioner, Obituary

Margaret "Peggy" Crawford - Parishioner, Obituary

Jerry Butner - Parishioner, Obituary

Mary DeLucenay - Obituary

William Gillaspy - Father of Parishioner Dave Gillaspy, Grandfather of Parishioner Sarah Gillaspy, Obituary

Anthony Ferraro - Parishioner, Obituary

Patricia A Schmalz - Former Parishioner, Obituary

Fr. Herman Lutz - Retired Archdiocese Priest, Obituary

Phillip Waters - Brother of Parishioner Mike Waters (wife Linda)

Barbara Baldauf - Sister of Parishioner Susan Warren and Linda (Joe) Arnot, Obituary

Amanda Mann - Parishioner, Obituary

Bob Kostin - Father of Parishioner Jaclyn Harvie (husband Joseph), Obituary

Michael Dunkel - Brother of Parishioner Mary Blake (husband Todd), Obituary

Lorraine Malcom - Mother of Parishioner Bonnie Ramion (husband Tim), Obituary

Roger Kreighbaum - Parishioner, Obituary

Pauline Crider - Parishioner, Obituary

Jack Kesler - Parishioner and Father of parishioner Steve Kesler (wife Mary Ann), Obituary

Cory (Robert ) Winters - Parishioner, Obituary

Bob (Robert) Brosmer - Father of Parishioner Barb Gillaspy, Grandfather of Parishioner Sarah Gillaspy, Obituary

Bernadette NDiaye - Mother of Parishioner Marie Faye

Laverne Walters - Grandfather of Parishioner Beth Handt

Sherry Hamilton Toms - Daughter of Parishioner Dick Hamilton

Mike King - Uncle of Parishioner Karen King

Howard Kochell - brother of parishioner Doug Kochell, Obituary

Robin Kryder - Parishioner, Obituary

Fr. Peter Gallagher - Archdiocese Priest, Arch Indy Bio, Obituary

Brigitta Fink - Parishioner, Obituary

Bill Pesci - Former Parishioner

Bill Pool - Son of parishioner Luella Pool, Obituary

Robert Kistner - Non-parishioner, member of our Shut In Ministry, Obituary

Jean Coffman - Mother of parishioner ​Nancy Coffman Leaf , Obituary

Paul Heffner - Brother of parishioner Dave Heffner

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